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Jyemons Any Acacia A/B Tek Part One

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Jyemons Any Acacia A/B Tek

Part One

Use Freshly Harvested Bark.
Winter Is The Best Time To Harvest.
Store Bark In Freezer Until Your Ready To Begin Extraction (Optional)

Step 1
Preparing The Bark.
Chop up the bark into small pieces with pruning shears, also called hand pruners, or secateurs. Once it's all chopped up, shred the bark as finely as you can using a garden mulcher or a garden shredder, a good blender, a good coffee grinder or a NutriBullet. Swim finds a NutriBullet works best.

Step 2
Freeze Lysis.
Put the shredded bark in a plastic container like a lunch box or something with a lid. Fill the container with enough water so it covers the bark and put the lid on it. Distilled water is best but tap water is fine. Leave enough room in the container for the water to expand as it freezes. Usually it will expand by 9 or 10% once completely frozen. Now put the container in the freezer. Let it completely freeze then take it out and let it thaw out completely. Do this 3 times, so freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw. Since the cells swell as ice crystals form during the freezing process and contract during thawing, the cell walls will ultimately give in and break as the sample is subjected repeatedly to the process. You can skip this step if you want but freeze lysis will improve your yield.

Step 3
Acid Soak, Acid Cook Or Both
Add the bark and the water that it was frozen in (If you completed Step 2) into a suitable sized pot. Now water ratio is important for soak or cook. Ratio is Bark/Water 1:10 or 1:15 and anywhere in between. This means 1 gram of bark to 10 milliliters of water. Or 1 gram of bark to 15 milliliters of water. So for 100 grams of bark using a ratio of 1:10 would be 1 litre of water or 1000 milliliters. So for 500 grams of bark use 5 litres of water per soak/cook. Again tap water is fine.
Now once you have the bark and the correct amount of water in the pot it's time to lower the PH level to between 2 and 4. Mix bark and water by itself first then lower the PH level to between 2 and 4. Swim uses Hydrochloric acid to do this. If you can't get Hydrochloric acid there are other chemicals you can use to lower the PH, look it up to find out what's best or easiest for you to get. Now test the PH of the bark tea using litmus paper or a ph meter. Add a few drops of acid or whatever your using to lower the PH and keep testing it in between adding until the PH is 4 or lower. The low PH will convert the Dmt in the bark into a water soluble salt. So it will move out of the bark and into the water. Now you dont have to cook the bark at all. You can just let it soak in the PH 4 Acidic water for 24 hours then strain out the water into another container and repeat the Acidic soak two more times using the same bark with fresh acidic water. So three acidic soaks in total following the bark/water ratio rule each time. If you don't want to soak overnight you can bring the acidic bark water to a boil on a stove THEN lower the temperature to simmer for an hour and a half. Strain out water from first cook into separate jug or container. Keep it aside. Add fresh water to bark in pot and acidify to PH 4 again. Simmer for an hour and a half. Repeat this step three times in total. Combine liquid from all three cooks and prepare to simmer total down slowly.

Now theres alot of confusion among the different Teks regarding TEMPRATURE!
Some say a Hard Boil is fine because Dmt in it's salt form is very stable and can tolerate temps between like 145° degrees Celcius to 170° degrees Celsius or something like that. While this is True, Boiling Dmt in it's salt form for a long period of time at 100° degrees celcius seems to lower the yield and degrade your Dmt SOMEHOW!!! What you want to do is keep the temperature below 80 degrees celcius AT ALL TIMES AND STAGES DURING YOUR EXTRACTION. Some say 50 degrees Celcius but This makes Boiling down the combined soloutions to a workable amount before the basifying stage a major pain in the arse. Simmering down slowly and gently instead of boiling the Fuck out of it will give you a much better Yield.

Do three Cooks in total watching your temperature keeping it below 80 ° Celcius. Then combine the liquid from all three Cooks in a large pot and simmer down again keeping it below 80 ° Celcius to a workable amount depending on how much bark your using. Usually between 2 to 4 litres before moving on to basifying.

Part Two Coming Soon
Defat Or Re-x (Defat Better)
Evaporation Or Freeze Precipitation And Drying
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