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K My brain is till pretty confused 01:00 take off.

Migrated topic.


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I think this is my first post. it is 1:26 "I feel the need explain" and my brain is still so confused. i want to share my findings.

Typed this at 01.????? lol in notepad because I could not figure out how to reply.. no spell check

I am trying to describe my experience in a reply but all I can do is turn on notepad. my fingers are stricktly typeing what my mind whants it soay. The journey I have takes is unexplaniebbale my life has past before my eyse what I saw and where I was at is complety different. Righ no I still have no concept of time but yet I am look stright at my fingers and I am really above my head. I found jesus again the true meanign of my exicitence. Te only reason why I am still typeing now. My breat was so full and so slow . Jus tmy per excitnece was in facte HYPER SPACE. " slight chuckle. I know what you mean now :( but yet so happy. full of life and the light so unimaginable the experince I just went through hell still going through is beyond my bind. I normayl do't type I just read alot but right now honestly if I don't type what I feel I am afraid I want understand what just happen. But I really know that I would never undersatnd what just happennnn nnnnnnnnnnnwow this was my third4 bacth after sitting in the grage for a week pulled and froze for one week wasked with carboinee twice cold spring water. smoked out of a water bong one big hit sat the pipe down and booom it hit me. I close dmy eyes and shit was crazt. I open them and nothing fucking changed just a stream of light . I reall had no clue what I wsa doing where I was . I am sttill wondering what the fuck just happen. I am going out side . by the way I give up my sins the lord has forgave me. I know he has................

KKK I am back WOW WTF lol hyper space. omg how fast do you think that is ???? I had one ceiling fan light on which really hurt my eyes. I read some post about using dim lights and would have to agree .

it was really hard to breath and still is right not . I feel my self slowly going in then out. i know if i closed my eyes I could prob start to jump but wtf the trip I just got off of like I said first Take off.. I really do apologize about the crazy talk. but thats what I am right now. What the hell just happened??????????????????????????
I don't think the Nexus is really a place for post like this, try Erowid, but I am glad you enjoyed it.

Please don't let this put you off from posting more, I love seeing new faces around here.

What the hell just happened??????????????????????????

You just smoked N,N-DMT (The Spirit Molecule)

I am Teotzlcoatl!!! Welcome to the Universe of True Meaning!!!
[quote='Coatl]I don't think the Nexus is really a place for post like this, try Erowid, but I am glad you enjoyed it.


'Coatl, why do you think the DMT-Nexus isn't a place for this kind of posts?

It's a DMT Experience and it's posted in the 'DMT Experiences' section which is quite the right place for this kind of posts if you ask me.

Anyway, DMob, don't get discouraged to tell your story. I wonder how you will feel about your experience one day
after and what you would think of what you typed in notepad.
haha, told Co and tell.. everything ! not needed to know.

OP - wackiness dmackiness doesiness to allll of us ! I take it that was your first 'go?'
Xstacy said:
I thought it was an interesting story. I am impressed you could type at all...

I cold not type until I knew where I was, or even who I was.

Yes this was my first take off, but not the first experience. My first 3 pulls I added to one line and chased the dragon with very poor results. This was my last pull from only one OZ of MHRB. The amount was not even close to my first experience but the water bong"coke bottle" and herb did the trick. I went to bed not to long ago and woke up early trying to figure out what happened. I have much respect. I had to share my experience this site is where credit is due. Again much respect!
No doubt, the method is very important and seems like you got it good. Its hard I know, beyond what hard is or could be. So, thoughts?
hahaha, welcome to the tribe DMob! thankyou very much for sharing your experience at 1:26! full respect for typing your mind state that early on... I dont think I could begin to type during a breakthrough... (let alone comprehend what a keyboard/computer was) :) I would be interested to know if you find jebus again on further hyperspace journeys. DMT has the tendency to broadens ones perspective on entrained religious patterning... ;)
smokeydaze said:
No doubt, the method is very important and seems like you got it good. Its hard I know, beyond what hard is or could be. So, thoughts?

Thoughts... I will try to explain the travel. I took one big hit, held it in so hard. I did not want release. The first thought that went through my head was to put down the bong. I sat back in my chair looked up and released the smoke... A daze came over me and I could not remember what just happened... my vision was weird and felt like I was somewhere else "not hyper space yet" It slowly came to me. What had happen, what I did. All the hard work I put into it and is this what it was.I closed my eyes and I was gone. I did this upstairs and I was afraid of jumping off the second floor. I think this is what kept me close to reality. While my eyes were closed it was so bright. I felt like people where walking up to me. and I felt it was my wife. I opened my eyes but my view did not change. I can remember trying to stay calm, telling my self not to freak out and wake the kids. but It felt they we up and that they were around me. At this time I was made aware of my breathing. I was taking such deep breaths and could hear how pure the air was going into my lungs. I slowed my breathing and this relaxed me. I knew this is what I waiting for and I let go. I have had plenty experience with other hallucinogens but this was different. My body felt euphoric and I started to hold onto love. Love for my kids my wife and myself. The visual I was seeing was just too intense. I was grasping to stay connected in someway to my own reality. It was like I could only concentrate on the lower right side so I would not lose it. I became sacred and new I had to relax. I remember reading post of someone advise to stay calm and know that it does not last forever. Whoever this was, thank you and I held on to that. My life then flash before me , every sin I had ever committed. I felt dirty and ashamed. I reached out for forgiveness and I was forgiven. I knew it would be ok. I felt warm, pure and beyond myself. At this time I could truly enjoy what was happening. It was white as pure as snow and light in its purest form streaming everywhere. My "eyes" begin to see again. I became so confuse I could not understand what happen. I was filled full of joy, but yet so nervous of what just happened. I think this is when I started typing my first reply. during the next 15 or so minutes. I felt my self going in and out, not visualy but mentally of how I saw my self. If that makes any since. hell if any of this makes any since. I layed on the bed a few times and when I closed my eyes it was hard for me to understand where I was. I am still really confused about this experience. I appreciate those that are interested in my experience because no one else I know would understand. I first researched DMT 12 years ago when I was still a teenager living with my parents. I remember trying to order canary reed grass seeds and my father catching me and giving me a third degree lecture. Soo for the last decade I have wondered about the experience and I feel my journey has just started.
That it has!

Don't worry, it all makes perfect sense. This is the most unexplainable, "wtf just happened", outrageously out of this world experience one can ever have - and you just had it. In the process it has the ability to show you yourself from a point of view that could never be reasoned with whilst sober. It can berate you with a 1000 emotions and thoughts, unlock things so unknown to you you'd swear the knowledge came from somewhere else, and then of course it has the standard effect to simply knock your living socks off. I know exactly what you mean when you said you thought your wife/kids/people were walking up to you as I've experienced this before. You think all these people are in the room surrounding you, looking, discussing, interacting, all the while you sit there obscene with confusion and when you come out of it your scared briefly by the actual serenity of your environment in comparison to the mayhem that you were certain was just happening.

Sounds like you were pretty awe struck / annihilated by the experience. Give yourself some time to rest and dwell on its happening and see where you are in a day or two. Don't feel to alienated though, its something allot of the people here have been through.
bump! Just because this shit made me laugh so hard this morning hope someone else does too.
Interesting that you experienced " Jesus" in this. I'm a Christian ( one of those "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak versions") but the DMT headspace is utterly and absolutely devoid of any Christian representations for me.
Even thinking of Jesus in Hyperspace will land me in trouble, and real fast.

But good for you, you'll have an easier time of it on a rough ride.
It was a great experience and I would like to share a different experience from one of my friends about a year after this original post.

Two friends of mine and I had our space helms on ready to take off. This would be one of my friends first time the other has journeyed several times with me. We decided on huge bong hit for his first adventure. He sat on the bed while I prepared the spice on some delicious bud. I melted it through and lit for him so that he would not incinerate the spice. He managed to focus on my voice and barely finishing my direction as he cleared the 2 hit. He sat back on the bed and I knew he was gone. He sat still for like 2 minute staring off into nothingness until all of a sudden he leaned forward and started to dry heave. This was the loudest dry heave I have ever heard. My other friend looked into my eyes and I could tell he was scared especially since he did not want this guy to throw up in his room. I said in a relaxing way "bro it will be OK it will be over soon. He stopped the dry heaving and just stared at me. But really not at me seemed through me. As we waited for him to come down my other friend went to give him a trash can just in case he would vomit. He seemed to be back to reality when my friend handed him the trash can. He asked whats this for. He said it sounded like you were going to throw up. He starred back at us at mumbled under his breathe I was not going to throw up, HE TOLD ME TO SPIT OUT THE DEMONS. Goose bumps filled my arms as we sat there. A few minutes later he got up and went home without saying anything. I will never forget this experience and to this day I believe he really did need to spit those demons out.
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