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! känvəˈkāSHən anyone ? A NEXIAN GATHERING !

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Greeting mutual beings of light and love: CoME ONE COME ALL or SOMETHING!

Believe it would be an epic grand happening if you wonderful people came together.

Realize this would take some kind of preparation, but we are a resourceful people.

May take guidance from the rainbow who have decades of experience in gatherings.
OR, maybe meet up within their gatherings. (maybe even form a camp or something)

Though, their gatherings are usually far out of my area here in the south-east-US.

So, proposing a get-to-gether here in the south east, if their is enough interest.

Iam willing to offer my place as the 'spot', which has plenty of space, and woods.

Or, if their is any better, or more convenient spot that someone else could offer.

We could possibly have gatherings all over the world if enough people are willing!

Please openly discuss, and freely submit your ideas, and opinions. THANKS :love: !
I also live in the southeast US and there are rainbow gathering around here. I like the idea of attending a get together with other members from here, but in reality I think LEOs would also like to show up at such an event so it'd probably be safest not to take part in something like this.
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