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Keeping in fridge?

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I have some diffrent bits of really gooey spice and wanna know how to keep them, i have been keeping them in the door of the fridge and this seems effective but would like to hear some other suggestions. its not a problem for me to keep it in the fridge i just want to make sure i wont lose potency! THNX :d
The temperature of the fridge is great, but it's probably very rich in fresh air. Remember to let the holder of the spice reach room temperature before you open it to minimalize condense. To try and preserve your spice even longer you can place your not-completely-airtight container in another (airtight) container where you have something to absorb the moist and oxygen. Also, make sure you don't expose it to unnecessary light, but this shouldn't normally be a problem in a fridge. (Have you checked if the light actually goes out when you close the door? 😉)
Ok thanks yeah the light goes off when its closed. It will probably only be kept for weeks not months so will one airtight container be fine? Thnx again =)
SWIM has smoked year-old spice that was just kept in a drawer and it was just fine.. I've never understood the people who say spice degrades fast... Maybe some more chemistry-oriented people can give us more info, but AFAIK the most that would happen is some spice turn into n-oxide, which is active and some people seem to even prefer it. I have read people talking about strange/negative trips with degraded spice but then again, maybe it was self suggestion?

In any case, yeah the usual recomendations for storing things, cold, dark, no humidity, airtight.. So some kind of non-transparent airtight container in the fridge/freezer is for sure good.

If the container is transparent or semi transparent, then just put some tin foil around to block light..

but as you said, if its just some weeks, dont worry about it
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