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Kids and Drugs :-)

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I'm a young father with a six month old son. Over the last two years or so.... i've steered clear of most mind altering substances other than the very occasional beer or joint.

Psychedelics have played a formative role in my personality and spiritual beliefs. I want them to be present in my life, but this sort of thing gets complicated with a family.

I am living abroad and would like to try DMT when i go home. I've been researching this compound and have decided that it is really worth exploring.

My wife is open to this(she bought me the spirit molecule), but is concerned with(as am i) the unlikely legal ramifications and so forth with conducting these kind of activities.

i want to figure out a responsible, safe way of going about this.

Anyone been through this kind of thing before?
Most would find it difficult to use the spice in a non responsible manner.

First and foremost, research research research! When it comes to safety, both mentally and physically you can never know too much. You're in the right place for that if you haven't noticed already. 😉

I've never thought of the spice so much as a drug, but more of a tool. A tool for both spiritual knowledge, awareness, wisdom and the whole package that comes with the psychedelic world.

Try it, see how it goes.
as long as you leave everything in your house, and not making huge amounts at a time. everything should be fine.i wouldnt even worry about the legal issues with it.
Keep it small scale, never sell it, don't broadcast you have it and you should be fine.

One of the really nice things about DMT is that it is so short acting. Because I have a 7 month old at home I don't often have time for a 12 hour mescaline experience, or even a 6 hour mushroom trip....but I can usually find 30 minutes to myself to explore the outer regions of hyperspace.

If you extract, clean up well, keep things simple, out of reach, and keep your final product safely hidden.
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