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Kikker's Glory

Migrated topic.


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Jo:p Whats up with Kikker's Glory and Kikker's Bones
is there a topic about these pronunciations?
it's odd and confusing , what does ''Kikker's Wisdom'' means?

this topic is change in to weird words also, >>

Every time I worship kikkerped on kikker's soul, I saw insect mandalas created by the same jester I met on kikker's glory. He shows up in every single worship kikker I've ever had and guides me through the experience...
so now we got > Kikker's Glory
> Kikker's Bones
> Kikker's Soul
> Kikkerped
> Worship Kikker
What a compartmentalized Jesterified Joke

now i see Kikker's Soul is Lysergic Saure Diethalamind (Lizards Serpents Dragons),

and why the word Joke jest jester (Joker) is automatically change in to campaign ?
what's wrong with ''* Grap ' Joke Secured Home of telecom.nu *Grap is dutch for Jooke j o k e
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