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Kindergarten Room in Blue

Migrated topic.
(mind)Set: 45 minute guided meditation.
(physical condition) Set: healthy, could be more fit.
Setting (location): Living room
time of day: 4pm inside.
recent drug use: Cannabis 0.5g, Prothioden(dothep)75mg, Epilim(Valpro) 1.5g
last meal: Ham/cheese/tomato sandwich 2hrs prior.

Gender: m
body weight: 80Kg
known sensitivities: None
history of use: first timer


Substance(s): Nitrous Oxide / Freebase DMT - pure white crystals.
Dose(s): 15L N2O(3 bulbs), 50-75mg DMT
Method of administration: N2O inhaled/ DMT Vaporized in a GVG.

Snipping the template here as SWIM didn't take detailed notes :|

Not much luck before buying a Glass VaporGenie. SWIM never seemed to be able to get enough in without going into oxygen-panic. Early sessions with regular VG were characterised by, suprise surprise, panic! Like scaring the horses and expecting them to behave :d

GVG changed everything - much better control by virtue of being able to see inside the device. Amazing closed and open-eyed visuals. Found Nitrous to be effective in calming the panic, leading to industrial-strength bliss and mega-snugglyness. What a combination!!!

No breakthrough, though, just a feeling that SWIM was like a baby trying to learn how to use it's eyes to build a picture of it's world. Regular jolts of alien 'weirdness'.

The Blue Room
So SWIM had his last 50-75mg loaded up. He was scared, like a skydiver 60 seconds before jumping. For 3 days and nights the pipe lay there, silently mocking him :oops:

On the 4th day, N2O was procured for some dutch courage, and the crystals vaporized to nothing in 3 draws. Here we go...:shock:

BANG! SWIM is transported to a cyan-blue 'room' with no warning. It's decorated like a nursery or kindergarten. Dark-blue, constantly shifting symbols are on the walls, which are rotating in totally 'wrong' directions. High frequency chirps and buzzes fill the space, and suddenly an unseen presence arrives. Holy hell this is incredible. SWIM senses the chirps and buzzes are supposed to be understood, but...they aren't :(

The walls are still going mental, and a gentle 'nudge' is felt. Something is happening in the 'center' of the 'room', and 3-5(IKR!) incredibly beautiful aqua-coloured, rotating geometrical shapes shimmer into existence there.

They are confusing! There are symbols matching some of those on the walls at the surface of these shapes, but they change and shift and rotate so quickly SWIM can't keep up. He KNOWS he's supposed to be 'getting' something, but he's not. Like someone's trying to teach the alphabet to a blind person using a chalkboard :?:

After staring at these mercurial shapes for a loong time, and not 'getting it', SWIM feels like he needs a break, but he CANNOT NOT be in the blue room, and no matter where he looks, or how many times he opens/closes his eyes, the scene remains the same.

Sudden panic (although he was really only outside his comfort zone). SWIM hears a voice from a long, long way away: "I want this to stop. Right. Now.". :!: Nothing changed except the frequency of the buzzes and chirps. SWIM reaches for the voice, and hauls himself [EDIT: somehow] towards it. The blue room fades away.

Opening eyes, SWIM is back in [EDIT: his living] room, except that everything in it seems to contain WAY, way too much information. One by one, dark screens are introduced which block out more and more of this 'extraneous' visual information. 30 seconds later he is back, feeling quite rattled.

The chirps and buzzes are still there, waning away, and the changed tone is now apprehended as disappointment. Not with SWIM, but the 'teacher', somehow. SWIM thanks the presence, over and over, and it seems to hint that SWIM should stay, finishing with a good natured "whatever...", SWIM thinks.

The whole thing lasted 5 minutes, but felt like hours. SWIM doubts he got very far, but it was enough to give him a lot to think about. Nowhere near the existential heights and impossible dreamings he's read from others here, but he has to start somewhere...
Very interesting observation of your feelings I too wanted the experience to be over as soon as it started but it had other plans. Once I felt love and acceptance with the fact I died the experience changed. But the first 3 times I broke through was nothing that intense but still nonetheless life changing 😁 My friend on the other hand felt at home and comfortable in that space he actually went back in he liked it that much. Every experience is exactly where you need to be and all of them are important. Great report!

I like your Neitzsche quote it explains the experience perfectly. :)
Thx KK :D

Yes I was kicking myself for getting scared later on! It's just the damned alien-ness of it all.

From what I've read from experienced travellers here, practice makes perfect and like any new environment it takes some time to achieve a certain familiarity with what can only be described as the unknown. After listening to a few Terence McKenna talks on YT, that seemed to be his belief too.

I really hope it comes soon :cry: Until then it's just 'take it as it comes', I guess.

Namaste (I worship the Deity within you)
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