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King Mubalu


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I was chatting with Traveler about my encounters with king Mubalu. He asked me if I could post about him on this forum.

King Mubalu is an entity in hyperspace, which I and at least one other I know have met. Neither of us knew about the other person's experience, we both had these experiences of the same entity independent of each other. He told me about his experience and I recognized in his description the same entity which I had met myself.

Here's a post in bluelight describing King Mubalu:

I also had my own experience of king Mubalu. I came to hyperspace, where I found myself in a court, where the king was sitting on his throne. This entity is wise and benevolent, but on the other hand he can sometimes be a bit rough, and play tricks on you, which leave you staring at nowhere thinking "what the Fuck just happened?"
at this point in my understanding i would suggest that this entity is apart of you, perhaps even a reflection of your psyche. when you mentioned the trickery i though immediately of the archetype "the trickster" perhaps youre simply experiencing that which is programmed in our species wide consciousness

just a theory

as far as entities go, at some point i think you leave them behind when you blast (im talking 150 mg or more) from the collective experiences ive facilitated and had i would also suggest that some may just be at the beginning of the depths to hyperspace

however during the most deep sessions ive had with aya and mushrooms i have encountered entities, 2 archetypes. the mushrooms did just as terrance mckenna said "found a weak spot in my theories and showed me something to immediately contradict it" in the mushroom incident it was 7g dried cubensis that lead me to meet this supreme being i could only assume to be god, later during my most recent aya sessions i came to understand that the "spiritual father" that gave me such inherent advice/commands was actually my timeless self
aya evoked an archetype of mother nature, but the mushroom experience was a lot more solid that there was this thing in front of me, aya was like "did that really just happen?"

anyway, theres still much to be learned.

im not a big fan of spice, or even dmt. i feel like the best entheogen is still the harmalas with some dmt to illuminate, but this could simply be preference

cactus pluse lsa lead me to meet this aztec that i am, he was like my counterpart and we sait in communion with one another in a green web of energy... no real archetype here that i know of, ,maybe hermit?
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