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Kingston Wall, one of the best bands

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Earth Child
I searched for kingston wall on the nexus, found nothing, and almost cried tears of blood. This band is an epic band to listen to, Doesnt matter if you are tripping or not. They are a psychadelic rock, thats how I would describe them.

The first album pretty is broken up into many parts, each part explaining a different detailed phase in a mushroom trip.

The second album, has some epic crazy songs.

The third album, explains how hard it is to reconnect to the world after tripping to much. I think many of us, including myself can relate. The song, for all mankind, was said to be the singers/lead guitarists suicide note. He died a few months after the third album, by jumping off of a bridge for reason unknown. (My conclusion, is that he did a lot of mushrooms and just could not except the way the world works anymore) Listen to for all mankind and decide for yourself.

Please listen, Download or buy the cds, dont just judge it by the songs I will post, It is an amazing band, the music has brought me to tears on several occasions.

P.S. Throughout the albums, they speak of the "mirror land" perhaps it is some version of hyperspace?

I will send album links to anyone who is interested.


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