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I was introduced to spice about 5 years ago, one monster toke through a glass bong changed my life forever. As of today I have close to 200 voyages under my belt. I started out making brews of mhrb and rue. since the early days I have done grain alcohol extractions, as well as lazy mans tek, Nomans tek, and vovins tek. I now prefer to extract mhrb with a simple STB tek. I have been a member of the shroomery since early 2003, shroomery member profile, I have relied on the the shroomery and a few other websites to provide me with the answers to my spice related questions. There had been an evolution/progression in my spice usage. I have been lurking around DMT Nexus as a guest for a while now and finally have come to the point where I realize I need the wisdom of members of this web site in order to fully develop/explore this frontier called the psychedelic mind.

I am a 45 yo male from SW WA, just a hop skip and a jump from PDX. I am a disabled veteran who spent almost 20 years in the usmc. I am in need of help from members of DMT Nexus to help me to help myself with my service connected PTSD. How can you help me with this? By sharing and exchanging experiences and information with me on how to, DMT 101. I feel I already have a good foundation, I know that there are many on this web site that have knowledge that would help me greatly with my journey. I feel I am ready for a new beginning,for a new chapter in my DMT voyage. I cant precede without help from others who have been there before me.


Hi Ice House!

:shock: Gosh!!
200 journeys? I think we're here to learn from YOU!

I hear your 110% on the PTSD thing. I did six years in the Air Force for the whole Iraq deal (I know, NOT the same as USMC), but PTSD is PTSD. Just to different degrees. I'm new to DMT, so i can't help you in that respect.

HOWEVER, this is what cured me: (relax to the attached with headphones)

It's a musical brainwave entrainment technology that externally creates deep states of mental activity nearly identical to VERY deep meditation. This considerable exercise ought help realign that brain chemistry to more productive pathways. If you're relaxed enough, you'll even feel the twitching as you shift!

Give it a bit of time and you'll feel like clean glass of water.

Let me know if anyone would like a copy of the whole CD!!!

Although this will never heal the "cultural wounds." You are fundamentally a different person from the rest of society and this may forever make it hard to "connect"...

all the best


P.S. I'm glad to see the military has finaly copied the idea (somewhat).

P.S.S. There are two companies that provide this technology: Centerpointe and Lifeflow --don't let the crappy website fool you.


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I have only very recently begun to refine my methods of extraction and ingestion.
my first 100 or so journeys were with freebase smoked. I find that method of ingestion to be so intense so fast that I just get this mini glimpse or tease and then its over. I eventually prepared some crude mimosa brews and potentiated with rue. Though these journeys were wonderfully productive they were very uncomfortable because of the reaction I had to all the tannins in the mhrb. I found the nausea and discomfort so distracting and this was magnified by the intensity of the dmt in the mimosa.

The last 10 months has been very good for me with the molecule. I quit drinking alcohol on Jan 1 of 09. I have been 100% clean and sober except for DMT/maoi and psilocybin. Because of my sobriety I have been able to refine my extractions and pursue new methods of maoi. most importantly I have been able to, with a calculated sober mind, take a measured dosage of maoi and spice and enjoy a 2-3 hour journey without discomfort. I have noticed now that I am approaching this more prepared, I have less anxiety and I am able to truely relax and voyage.

Now I am able to orally ingest a high quality spice and use a pepared maoi like thh that has a hi purity level. In the past My methods were not always measured, so my results were alway mixed and several times I found myself not enjoying what was happening. On many occasions I died and I had a most difficult time dealing with that.

I feel like I have really moved up in the realm of exploration. I am here to document my preparations, dosages, and experiences, and take in advice from other members about extractions and maoi. I feel I am still very much lacking in certain areas. I have been told that I have the difficult part down pat, the difficult part being courage. Being willing cross the border.
It makes me sad to think all the people out there dealing with PTSD who don't have access to or have been scared away from psychedelics.
Hi IHS.. you seem to be a pretty experienced psychonaut.. i still don't have the guts to go for a full blown takeoff.. lol.. for some reason i seem to prefer the 'natural' method, if there is such a thing..

As for the PTSD.. i've heard some pretty good reports on a method called IRest. You can read about it if you google around for it. here's one article that discusses the application of Irest to people who suffer from PTSD: http://www.mysanantonio.com/life/62216342.html

I guess if you google around a bit you can find a lot more info on Irest. If you want to try the method for yourself, you can have a look here and download some MP3's

Hope that's of some use to you :)
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