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Kratom is Our Friend

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The fight for Kratom is still ongoing. There is a bill in the Senate that, if passed, will allow the Attorney General and his supporters to add Kratom to Schedule A, on a temporary basis to ban Kratom for 5 years, which could then lead to a permanent ban. We need your help to keep fighting the ban on Kratom!

To sign the petition to keep Kratom legal, donate to the cause, or to learn more please visit :

Thank you for your consideration
I'm on it.
I went to the march in D.C. last year. I woke my son up that morning and told him he wasn't going to school, but was getting an all day civics lesson instead. He got to participate in an important part of democracy.
We met a wide variety of wonderful people from all over the country, who use kratom for many different reasons.

The kratom community is strong. Time to fight this idiocy again. The US government is aware of the opiate epidemic in this country and claim that they want to solve the problem. Kratom saves lives and helps people get their lives back from opiate addiction. The government is doing everything they can to keep the epidemic going. I'll bet they want it to be a pandemic.
Keep Kratom Legal!
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