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Kurzweil and the coming "singularity"

Migrated topic.
Read his book, The Singularity is Near if this interests you. A very interesting hypothesis of where our society is going if technology keeps expanding at the rate it has been for the last 40 years (Moore's Law). Very compellingly laid out.

And yes, if he is right, within 30 years you will no longer need a body, your consciousness will reside in virtual space, forever. If you want to jaunt around in "real" reality, you can have a body constructed for you and have your consciousness downloaded into it. Immortality is quite possibly in our future.
sweet real science to no mumbo jumbo. these theroys are being, and will be tested in my life time. As long as I stay alive another 25 years. Life is good at the moment. Thanks for posting that.

You will find immortality in this lifetime. My own personal belief is that we won't get that far. The universe is organized to provide a different path to immortality/evolution than by artifical means. But only time will tell...
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