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Lack of a an Experience

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I did an STB extraction, and freebased the result in a light bulb, with out letting the flame hit the bulb. The only problem is that I have no idea what an average dose looks like. I have been told that half a pencil eraser is a decent amount, but I felt nothing. Can some one post a picture of what an average dose looks like or tell me I'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance.
forget the lightbulb

bong and the dmt sandwhiched between ashes or some herbs is much better... a lot of people mention they fail at the lightbulb method..
Well thank you. I just did some in a pipe with some herb and it is nice, I'm sure I only got a break through dose, but thats all I really want right now. I defiantly got some 5-meo or Jungle when I first bought it, because there is almost no euphoria to this. I just feel like I'm on a nice shroom trip, just relaxing and contemplative. Typing isn't very easy with out some work. I find it almost imposable for a drug to astound me. I can see how some one could have a difficult trip on this, but I like it. I'm going to (very) slowly work my way up from a breakthrough dose. I would like to say thank you very much Endlessness, you have helped me every step of the way, and each step has work like a charm.
no problem, glad to be of help, like many people were for me in the beginning also :)

btw, I guess you meant 'threshold dose' instead of 'breakthrough'? threshold is like just the beginning of the effects, and breakthrough is when you really go so far that its even beyond the fractals and visuals, even forgetting you have smoked in the first place, being completely in another dimension..

but yes maybe working up slowly from threshold to breakthrough is a good idea.. :)
Don't think you know this drug from effects produced by a threshold dose, which don't even begin to offer a hint at what it's capable of producing. If you work your way up to 50mg's, hit it properly and are still not astounded, you're one thick skinned son of a psychonaut, brother.
I was writing that while under the influence. I realized that I had a very small dose, later that night I did a much higher dose, and it was very astounding.
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