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last few questions before i start

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hello once again everyone, SWIM will be doing his first MHRB extraction tommrow and has some final questions before be begans if anyone could please help him he is very unexperienced but very eager to learn,

1.SWIM will be using the tek provided in the DMT Handbook Guide, wat is the proper name for this tek for future refrences?!

2. SWIM was unable to obtain Phosphoric,Hydrochloric of Sulphuric Acid, so he will be using vinegar poss? but according to the guide vinegar(acetic acid) has yeilds substandart to those achived with Phosphoric acid? then why is SWIM using vinegar, any alternatives!?!

3.SWIM will be using 1LB of powdered inner MHRB but doesnt have a milligram scale as of yet, only gram scale how schould SWIM scale everything propertionaly schould SWIM just buy a milligram scale to make things easier?

4.SWIM realizes the DMT handbook was suited for an Austrian, schould SWIM be using a more suited tek for USA?

please help SWIM is eager but nervous about starting, SWIM wants to be as prepared as possible but feels he is losing time and alkolids (MHRB is in orginal bag,in dark closet floor)
SWIM is also very unexperienced but he stills thinks he can help a bit :

1. I don't know if it's someone tek and has a name, but it's a A/B tek ( acid to base ).

3. A gram scale is fine for the root bark ( btw, I don't know how much MHRB SWIY has but it may be better to start with less than 1 lbs, in case something goes wrong since it's SWIY's first time. Better safe than sorry ).

4. I don't think that's really and issue. But since it's SWIY's first extraction, he might consider a STB tek, SWIM finds them easier, especially for a beginner.

And you're not losing anything, take your time to be sure that you're prepared before you start ( and MHRB doesn't go bad easy and it's still in it's original package so don't worry about that ).
Hey man.

Honestly I'm a noob too.
I've only done four extractions, and the first failed. I was using an A/B tek.

Advice, from one noob to another :)

I would honestly use Nomans TEK (Straight to Base) to start off with! Its easy, less expensive, and faster!
Do not use the ammonia wash at the end.
Inside use a sodium carbonate wash before you put the solvent in the freezer for precipitation.
Just search the forums for sodium carbonate and I'm sure within a couple of posts you will find explanations and steps on how to do it.

Good luck!
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