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Last Nights Journey

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Around six thirty last night SWIM ingested a medium dose of mescaline (around 200mg). It was dissolved in green tea that had been sitting out for a while so the taste was a little foul. After an hour swim started to feel the body high accompanied by this "shock" feeling that ran from the base of his spine to his head in sudden jolts (He ALWAYS experiences this with mescaline... any body know I'm talkin about?) The visuals were very light but the mental effects were coming on very strong, making connections that SWIM would not have noticed before. Around this time swim decided to ingest 2 grams of fungi(Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa). He thought it over and also decided to try some syrian rue... VERY SMALL AMOUNT... he placed about four tiny seeds in his bowl and fired it up... WOW... about ten minutes fallowing that he started to trip very very hard... He felt as though his body was bathed in "electricity" as soon as the syrian rue took effect. (Note: phens are dangerous with MAOI's and SWIY should always be exetremely careful, SWIM was taking a big risk combining these two) .

SWIM laid down and turned on Charlie and the chocolate factory. He felt just a little tense so he smoked a bowl of some kush to chill things out. This added a nice effect to the "audiohallucinations" that were already pretty intense. He relaxed for a while and listened to his thoughts while the movie played... noticed a feeling of "intuitive ancient wisdom" that was washing over him. After SWIMS fiance had fallen asleep he heated up a hit of DMT and took a deep inhalation. A moment passed and the room was covered in electric snakes that were squirming all over the room. They had a transparent quality to them but were definitely there. It wasn't a breakthrough experience but it was a very very enjoyable one.

He went to the bathroom and got lost in the glare or faint reflection of the light in the shower walls... kinda hard to explain.

Getting back in bed he closed his eyes and started to receive information from some distant female voice. He remembers the last thing that was said to him was "Love Yourself" before he drifted to sleep.

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