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Laugh: No pain no horror

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Ram Dazz

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let me share my findings with the last experiences. They should be horror trips, but the lead me to new

In the penultimate trip:
* Horror picture of very realistic bowels. They move and become more and more like worms.

In the last trip:
* I saw a dark queen. She had a grey skin and over here beautiful face was a black tattoo made of iron (?).
* After one second she recognize me, she turn to me and did try to frighten me.
* She look at me like a hungry, bad wolf. And I should be here easy prey.

More important for me:
* There was no horror or fear for me. In the first situation I started to laugh. My body shake like a laughing fat Buddha. My stomach/Belly
hop up and down.
* I start laughing not because I like worms and bowel. I start laughing because I understand that someone tries to frighten me
and had no success!
* With the second situation I keep calm. I understand that the grey queen also tries to capture me with pain and fear.
Quietly I stand before here and made no resistance. In this case she found no handle to get me.

* COuld you laugh away a horror situation?
* Did you experience a bad "damon" like a queen?

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