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Laughing my ass off with Antrocles

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Mitakuye Oyasin

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Antrocles is an old school Nexus member. I’ve enjoyed his writings and experiences and observations over the years. Especially his experiences with the Secoya tribe and their and his use of Ayahuasca. I don’t think he hangs out here much anymore. Maybe drops in every once in a while to peak around and see what’s new. I guess once you receive the answers you were looking for you can hang up the phone. I read here that he had set up an amazing healing space in Los Angeles and does healing work and light/sound sessions with a select group of people. A few Nexus members even posted their experiences there. I think Macre visited some time back.

The time had finally come and I finally got my chance to book a healing session with him in Los Angeles for me and a friend. His place is beautiful and tranquil and alive with positive energy. A sweet oasis within the bustling urban sprawl. I have never had my chakras cleansed or balanced nor have I ever had a light and sound healing session before, but I instantly trusted Antrolcles after meeting him and was interested to see what the experience would be like. It turned out to be an amazing and deep experience. You lay back, suspended in a hammock in a beautiful room gazing into this immense psychedelic painting. The painting morphs and shifts and reveals new dimensions of itself as the lighting changes. The Tibetan crystal singing bowls ring vibrations right through your body. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It was a sacred experience. That is the best way I can put it. Antrocles takes you into another space and on a journey of light and sound and aroma. He explains that he works from your root chakra up your body and finally into your crown chakra.

The person I came with brought some spice, so at the end of the light/sound session, just as my crown chakra was most balanced and attuned, still suspended in the hammock I was able to blast off into hyperspace. Wow, I went deep. Instantly I felt like I was in an ancient temple. It was very familiar, I had been here before. Deeper still. Light everywhere! The felling of vast amounts of data being downloaded in the background into my subconscious. Then everything was shaking gently back and forth and a great feeling of love and peace and laughter filled my being. In fact it took me a little while to realize that I was actually laughing very deeply. As I came back into my body I suddenly felt and became conscious of the fact that my entire body was convulsing in a deep belly laugh. I was laughing my ass off! The fact that I had been laughing long before it was revealed to me, made me laugh even harder at just how funny that was. I was laughing so hard that I cracked up Antrocles who had been bathing me in sacred sound throughout my deep journey. The laughter was sweet and felt so good. My eyes teared up. It was a huge release of something I had apparently been holding in for a long time. I’m still not sure exactly what the joke or the punch line was. What was so funny in hyperspace that it made me laugh so deep and for so long? It was amazing and felt incredible and very healing. What a great way to come back to reality.

If you live near or are planning to be in LA at some point, you should really reach out to Antrolcles to see if you can book some time in his amazing healing space.

Wonderful report ;)

Loveall said:
💓 Cosmic Giggle 💓
The best thing ever.
I did not knew that it actually existed, until meeting it. I think there's hardly a better healing/releasing procedure.

But it goes further than that moment imho, just knowing the cosmic giggle (in one or other degree), it places everything of 'sober' reality in an enormous perspective. The giggle actually never stops inside the soul. This is the difference with a standard or common giggles which are also healing/releasing but they fade out in a way. To me a cosmic giggle is related to existence and purpose of existence, thus way deeper. I had cosmic giggles without as much external expression as in OP but it all happened inside the soul. A moment of revealing existential purpose. Since the cosmic giggle I really never questioned existence anymore, while being unable to describe this.

The border with 'luna' comes close but not randomly, the cosmic giggle really nails it perfectly on it's terms to liberate a person.

I never understood very much 'The laughing Budai' until my own cosmic giggles then it started to make sense, well without an addressable sense 😁

Mitakuye Oyasin said:
Amazing Jees, thanks.
Thank you.
When things comes to practice:
(I hope you don't mind expanding on this)
Two days ago I went to the hospital for kidney stones suffer, I recognized the symptoms as I had it before. Had to wait for 30 mins in a waiting room until I could be treated, puffing and a bit shaking/sweating due the pain. I kept relatively cool nonetheless as I realized howling doesn't change a thing.

After like 15 mins a guy stumbles in howling and crawling over the floor yelling "My kidney stones have descend I need attention NOW" bonking on doors and more of the yelling. He gets even more mad hearing that other persons in urge (like 10) were before him and he had to wait. People get scared of such a person of course. He lies there on the ground hard crying fetus style, and I go to him and start to caress his back, really softly like he's a pet, his upper arms and back, and surprised he looks up, looks into my eyes, I into his, and I say "Hey dude I have same pain as you now, we're in the same kidney stones boat here, we suffer together okay." As long as I caress his back he calms down, stops the yelling and goes into soft moaning while I deny the gestures of the personnel to not touch him. I did that for like 5 mins and then leave him, I go to my seat. He starts yelling and stomping again but I feel my job is done.

What has this to do with the cosmic giggle or its integration?
The moment we looked into each other eyes, both in such pain, to me that was an unmatched hilarious situation, there the integrated cosmic joke comes into practice imho. When he looked in my eyes, I had that cosmic joke energy on me, being a soft tender loving smile but behind that a full blown joke hard laugh. The difference in how he processed his pain (the agony) and how I did mine, I really belief that this was result of integrated cosmic joke energy. And if I'm wrong, then things seem to work out like that anyway.

The moment people start to say: "You can't laugh with that!!!" then usually things start to go lesser well imho. Religions and alleged minorities did you hear me? I believe the cosmic joke is ahum 'holier' than anything humans ever came up with and I really wonder if animals also have a sense for it.

About a man caress another man: I'm not gay and if so then he was not my style nor was it the ideal situation to connect ;)
Hmm thinking of that, maybe the ER waiting room is the place to connect :lol:

(The day after they picked my stone with a surgery probe, fully sedated)
Cool story, a little human kindness goes a long way. I have found that laughing and joking is one of the greatest medicines around. When I was younger I had my appendix rupture. Unbelievable amount of pain. The hospital staff could care less, they had done their job getting me signed in and processed and now it was in the hands of the surgeon who was on his way. Unless I went into some emergency medical state, I was no longer their problem. My girlfriend at the time was there and I could tell she was panicked and in way over her head. I kept telling jokes and laughing with her through all the pain. Sometimes it was so intense that I had to let out screams of yells or sounds, so I kept joking and telling her I was composing a new opera. We told jokes to each other and laughed and it seemed to make the pain more bearable somehow. It also calmed her down and I think prevented her from going into full panic mode. The next day as I came out of deep drugged sleep I joked to the nurse who brought me up to speed on the surgery and my current condition. Then my GF arrived and we joked and laughed some more and again it helped with the pain. I think a good sense of humor, especially in situations of great pain or distress can help an enormous amount. Laughter is good medicine.
Good stories guys. I definitely hear what you're saying and have felt it in my life. Honestly I feel deep down this is what I have lost the last few years ; not having a sense of the joke and taking things too seriously. And I feel this has actually created delusion to some extent, taking things seriously when in reality they really aren't that serious at all. Even if you have to be serious it is only to increase the depth or understanding of the joke, as in dry sarcastic humor, you've got to understand it to be able to make light of it...

Anyways who knows, I'm just rambling again now. But yeah, I think animals, at least some, or all , in some points of time definitely get it.

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