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HyperDrive 3000

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Greetings, fellow explorers!

Long time lurker here, finally decided to register and say hi.

To be completely honest, all the things I wanted to write have escaped me already so I'm just going to say I'm happy to be here and hope to participate in conversations, learn new things and connect with amazing people. In my day-to-day life I'm a thirtysomething year old male, somewhat lonely (live in a very remote place) but a very happy, playful person. Bit of a nutjob who lives in the middle of nowhere with some animals and significant other. It used to be the other way around though; I had lots of "friends" but was always miserable, depressed, anxious. Unhealthy in so many ways. Change was inevitable, painful but very welcome. Wouldn't go back to the way I was.

I value true connections, nature, music, arts, and love. I guess I'm too normal for this weird world. :)

I'm running out of things to say so... Pleased to be here and much love to everyone! Talk soon. <3
Hello @HyperDrive 3000,

Welcome to the Nexus! It's always such a pleasant thing to have lurkers become active members, brings me so much joy! I do resonate a lot with your transformational sentiment. Being in the wrong friend circle, even if it's big, always feels lonely and empty at the end. Change is rarely easy, but it's always valuable. It always teaches you something new.

Looks like the change you went through taught you some great lessons, and turned you into a balanced, well-spoken individual that I feel like will fit right in with our little tight-knit community.

What's your experience with psychedelics? Have you done any extractions?

Beyond extending a warm welcome, I also want to urge you to show up in our live chat when/if you feel like it. I'm sure you'll be able to connect with many amazing people in there, as I do almost on a daily basis.

Looking forward to talking to you more. Take care, and enjoy the Nexus! ❤️
Thanks for the warm welcome @Nydex !

I have had an interest towards psychedelics since I was maybe 20 years old but I didn't pick up on that call until I was 30. I'm 36 now. Things started off with wild picked psilocybin mushrooms and I've formed a loving relationship with them since. As for DMT, I've done a few extractions and have a handful of experiences. My first one being so much more than I bargained for it kinda freaked me out for a year, haha. Not that it was scary but the way it just... BAM. You know.

I felt I needed more time to grow before I would delve deeper into the realms. A whole year after dipping my toes into hyperspace I just felt the time was right for another go. This time it was way easier, and an extremely pleasant, beautiful experience. And that was maybe two years ago.
I have to say, I love your mentality around this whole thing. You have respect for the process, and you approach this whole thing in a way that resonates with me well.
I felt I needed more time to grow before I would delve deeper into the realms. A whole year after dipping my toes into hyperspace I just felt the time was right for another go.
This patience and knowing one needs to integrate and grow more before going back in is what I absolutely love to see in people's thought process around psychedelics. They're not simply a shortcut to a better you, but a tool that *can* accelerate that process, IF it is applied at the right time, under the right circumstances, with the right intent.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, brother. Looking forward to chatting with you more. ❤️
Yeah I mean, what's the rush, right? I had my honeymoon with psilocybin too and went in once with too little respect. Needless to say, I got a not-so-friendly reminder of the power of these substances. Did not want to repeat the same mistakes with DMT. Turns out it was a good call and I'm slowly building a fantastic relationship with it too. <3
Hey there @HyperDrive 3000 ! Happy to have you here at the Nexus <3

There are indeed happy and meaningful connections that can be made here. I have found the community particularly caring, insightful, and uplifting, each value pops up when you need it most, it seems :)

It sounds like you are able to recognize the integration period for yourself, like Nydex pointed out. Integration helps us get the most out of our experiences and really use them in a way to make our lives happier and more peaceful and harmonious. I'm glad to see you know your own pace.

When you feel called to hop back on the DMT horse, it can be comforting and downright enjoyable to start with a low, "handshake" dose, to "reintroduce" yourself to the substance, and the substance to yourself, rather than going for a big dose off the bat.

Stop by and say hey in the chat sometime :D

Welcome, and safe travels <3
Greeting and welcome @HyperDrive 3000

What psychedelics do you enjoy the most and why? I personally, smoalk a fair amount of changa. I'd like to get back to doing more mushrooms and explore some others that I've managed to get my hands on but haven't had the time to explore.

One love
Hey @HyperDrive 3000 welcome :)

Nice to have you here 'officially'! How long have you been lurking on the nexus?

That's really nice to hear that you are content in a more solitary existence.. In think there is a bit of a stigma to people not being super social all the time. Its nice to just be content in yourself and there are many things that can bring happiness beyond constant human interaction.. and it sounds like you have a pretty wholesome balance of interests.

And it seems you have a healthy respect for the power of psychedelics, so you'll no doubt fit in really well here :)
Thank you @Voidmatrix and @acacian !

Psilocybin is a very dear substance to myself so I'd say it's my favorite if I had to pick one. The second would be DMT. But both serve a different purpose, at least for me. :)

I've been lurking for a few years, can't say for sure but the nexus has been my go-to resource for anything DMT related.
Picking in the wild is indeed a magical experience. My first trip on mushrooms was spent picking them out in the forest.. added a really enchanting dimension. What species do you pick @HyperDrive 3000 ? We mostly get Psilocybe subeuriginosa here during the winter.. in summer there’s the option to travel a little closer to the coastal hinterland and pick cubensis.. but I am pretty fond of the subbies :)
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