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Lets all hug each other and have a SHE the 3/3?


Energy is eternal delight
I feel there is a potentionally harmful lack of Synchronised Hyperspace Events in here lately.

My proposal is that we kick up a SHE this saturday, Mars 3rd, for the funk of it.

All in favor:?:
We used to set specific times, but due to the way these molecules work, it's best to just dedicate a day/night/occasion to the SHE so everyone is comfortable and confident to dose when they feel the time is right with no time constraints or pressure. It's a nice feeling knowing there are others out there doing the same thing.
So, it's March 3rd now. I just came back from two very nice changa jouneys. Nothing too extreme, but very nice. Did I synch with anyone?I'm not sure. Is there a synchro time planned for today?

Happy travels in any case my brothers and sisters!

Although I understand what house is sayin, and I agree that its important to blast off when you feel ready and comfortable, i love the knowledge that as raise my GVG and draw in the vapour that there are many brothers and sisters doing the samething at the same time.

I think that this is kind of the whole point of a S.H.E.

Having said that I also like the wave style of S.H.E. especially on an evening like NYE.

For what its worth I will be blasting off at 9 and 10pm GMT, see you all on the other side.
If you want to synch with anyone, why not join the chat. :d

I am going for the mushroom tea and loaded GVG in a few hours!
I don't want to sync with someone I want sync with everything:d

I can't join the chat at the moment, I would really like to as there plenty of folk on here I would like to chat with, but at the moment my laptop is broken and I only have my phone. Trying to converse in a chat room would be a nightmare.
I love you guys :)

I will join in after my love gets home & our kid goes to bed. Huggs!

I'll do a little meditation right now...

I've been stuck Nexus website all day, DMTs on the brain. Now I know why.
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