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Lets catch us a Leprechaun


Curiouser and curiouser
In honor of St Patricks day, this Sunday March 17 at 10 am Central Time, I am going to smoalk some changa with spice sprinkled on and attempt to ride the hyperspace rainbow to the land of elves and hopefully catch a leprechaun šŸ˜ Whether I am granted 3 wishes or not or a pot of gold or lucky charms or whether I will find wisdom in this journey I cannot say. I will make this journey with a 4 leaf clover in my pocket as a spiritual totem. Anyone who wants to join in this silly adventure feel free.
Haha thanks. It really is a silly idea, but I'm always in good spirits on St Pattys. Afterwards Ill probably end up drinking a Guiness and eating Shepard's Pie, :want: šŸ˜ . I was just thinking of how elves seem to be the greeting party of hyperspace and as colorful as DMT can be it seems to be a good metaphor for a rainbow. So the thought occurred to me, why not try to catch a hyperspace elf (leprechaun), they seem playful enough, and I'm playful enough. Haha. Either way, ill be listening to The King of the Fairies, an Irish fiddle reel before I embark. If anything comes out of this there will defiantly be a trip report posted.
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