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lets go team - mushroom she starting like now


The Root
OG Pioneer
yay - i found mushies in my garden today - unexpectedly
check em ooot

lets gau team!
One helicopter, a few ounces of shrooms, a vial of acid, some mdma, a green lazer, and a chunk of pedro that has been despined and thus is OK to toss at a friend.

I just got back from a hike in the mountains on a mild dose of "Aged Shroom Chocolates".

It was very beautiful and fun! The energy was amazing! I felt like I could've easily jogged up and down the three peaks I hiked today without breaking a serious sweat! :shock:
ive done that many many times for up to 6hrs straight at festies and in the forest. just hours of full pace walking/hiking feeling like im floating. no idea about my body. coming from a 230lb 5'8" male thats sayin alot too!
This was my first SHE and probably one of my strongest experiences.Thanks to everyone that participated.This was an incredible synergy of nexians.:)
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