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Hello, I am Stinky Pete. I first met DMT in college several years ago, and finally found time to make some of it on my own. The pursuit of the isolate has created a basis from which I am deepening my understanding of the material world. Having learned so much about the extraction process already, and seeing how much more is waiting on the horizon, I am grateful to those of you who have done the work before me. I hope to make this knowledge more accessible as I grow. I am also driven by a desire to bring harmony to society, but I have plenty of maturing to do before I can get to that with true wisdom.

I take Alan Watts' view of psychedelics as tools, like a microscope, to peer at the connection between out and in. His line is "if you get the message, hang up the phone," but I expect he's addressing a community that lives with the goal of tripping every single day.

I have had some severe, confused experiences in the past, but most recently, a threshold level experience has helped me imagine a landscape of forms projected into my sight from a higher dimensional manifold and gain a new, small perspective on the meaning of One. I am here, then, to perfect the material practice on one hand and the psychonautical practice on the other. The latter is based in my daily zen practice of 10-15 minutes, with one 30 minute sesshin per week. For the former, it's great to read a chemistry text with a personal application in mind. I'm reminded of this girl who used a Raspberry Pi with carbon nanotubes to detect lead in water because her parents set her up with the expectation that she could get carbon nanotubes (or anything else mentioned in the MIT Review of Materials Science) if she wanted. Now that I can "just get" dichloromethane for example, the nature of particles and quantization is much more engaging. I don't feel like I fully understand the process of crystallization or evaporation, but I'm working my way toward it with a strong foundation.

Much love to you, same minds, who share in the nexus. Many fruitful journeys.
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