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[Lexicon] Static Pattern Overlay - SPO

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Here's another term to add to our repertoire, coined by members smokeydaze and jasons741 in this thread.

Here are the original posts regarding the term...

smokeydaze said:
I find it really weird though how the DMT forms and shapes are so articulate and precisely molded and integrated around the actual things in your environment on standard dose. I remember walking home one night after a session and there were these patterns all over the footpath as I was walking down the street. At first I was like, wow thats so cool someone must of just done that, it looked like someone had actually painted/stenciled them on there as it was all one colour and in perfect synchronization with the gravel of the footpath and it wasn't moving. Just as I thought wow someone must of done that, I thought wow NO ONE did that. Looked closer and lit it up the footpath with my lighter and saw nothing there.. stood up again and was amazed at these intricate patterns stenciled all over the footpath by our DMT ancestors. I get allot of that kind of static copy pattern overlay trickery, I find it really interesting! but unnerving at the same time when you think to yourself.. how on earth?!

and jasons741's response...

jasons741 said:
Smokey, The static pattern overlay(SPO?) is the way 'they' communicate with me on lower doses. Faces from every ancient era show up in any uniform surface. The best ever was a picture of my favorite fractal. I thought I would be most fascinated by the fractal swirls but the static, slightly irregular monochromatic background showed me more in one square foot than I'd ever seen before. I am always like-'how do they do that?' or 'they are so clever' because you can blink or look away change your point of view and the same image persists!

Since this effect is so broadly experienced, should it not be given a monniker? Is that not the purpose of this place? Please help us add to the lexicon of hyperspace travel.

Please chime in with any extra insight to this effect [if you've experienced it]!
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