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Libertarian Psychedelic Caucus

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Hello Nexians, I ran across the Libertarian Psychedelic Caucus and thought that would be a good avenue to further decriminalization in the US. Are there any other Libertarians among us?
I feel much the same, but it should be noted that capitalism is not the same as corporatism. I am gonna reach out to them and I will report back with details.
What's the difference between liberal and libertarian? Many people call themselves libertarian these days, believing in a world without any form of government. I think that is simply unrealistic. There is no place on earth, where a significant amount of people live, without some kind of government. And as far as i am aware, there never, ever, has been.

There's this town called flint, and i believe it was lead they had in their drinking water. Could have been mercury, i don't exactly remember. In both cases it would be catastrophic, anyway. So these people drink toxic water and are getting severe brain damage. That's childeren included.

Just tell me, if not the government....who should make sure this kind of shit doesn't happen?
what you're describing is anarchism, libertarian radicalism. Most libertarians recognize gov't as a necessary evil, it's supposed to keep corporations in check. The term was highjacked by some nefarious oligarchs, who started PACs whose names reflect double-speak, to pander to the socially-challenged and the maladaptive. most libertarians, like most independents, are moderate.
To me, libertarianism is the philosophy of "Do as you will, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else." I do not hate government, I hate governments meddlesome over reaching into our lives.

The government which governs least, governs best.
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