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Life Pro Tip with STB - Vaccum Sealing Mason Jars to Prevent Vapor and Breakage Spills

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So I started vacuuming bagging my mason jars with caustic lye (during the pull phase of STB):

1) To prevent naphtha vapors from leaking and to
2) Protect it and contain any spills that may result from breaking the glass.

Just thought I'd share! šŸ˜


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Looks sweet! I too have just aquired those dark jars for aswell as a vaccumsealer. I'm not interested in extraction tho, but it feels so good to invest a little bit in substance-storage ;)

Aren't you worried about the possibility of the jar imploding... or catch fire through some vaccum-electromachinery-vodoo that I would know nothing about? šŸ˜
I'm not too I'm not ToO worried about that... It's just one of those food vacuum sealers "as seen on TV," and the mason jar does a good job of holding most the vapors inside.
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