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light speed entities

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Well last night I had some friends over that were on some lysergic. They were only on a low dose and I asked them if they wanted to smoke some spice. They have all smoked it before and they really enjoy it.

It came my turn so I loaded up my dmt pipe and got into position. I took one very large hit then another small one. The experience was sub breakthrough again, but I did come across an entity.

When I laid back and closed my eyes I could see a landscape. It was an earthly landscape that was perfectly cut grass as far as the eye can see. The sky was also completely clear and blue. It was very beautiful. I did not really feel as if I was there, but there was an entity there. Again he seemed humanoid but he has super fast powers. He darted around this field and sky acting as if he was showing off. He was darting all over the place. He did not communicate, but he definitely wanted me attention.

The weird part for me during this trip was when I opened my eyes. My studio looked like it usually does. The only difference was that now this entity was flying around me room. Jumping from wall to wall still trying to get my attention. It was pretty amazing actually see him in my room. It seemed as if he was more transparent in this reality than when I closed my eyes.

It was a great experience even though it was sub breakthrough.

Today is my birthday so I am celebrating with some LSD this evening. I have 15 hits of some pretty weak blotter so I am going to take it all and see how it goes. I am planning on trying to breakthrough with DMT at some point during my trip. I will probably wit until after the peak. I am very excited.

~Peace OUt
I had a friend that wanted a couple so I gave in and let him have some. It was an awesome time anyways.
All the best in your adventures, and happy birthday!..LSD plus some smoked spice, with some vocalising was my most amazing spice trip, EVER...seems much less jarring going into the DMT realm while already in a trance...
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