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limonene tek clarifications

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So SWIM finally got around to finding and buying some limonene (Actually food grade essential orange oil)

He has a few questions on some specific practical aspects of the process..

His plan was to start as an A/B on MHRB, make pull with limonene, mix pull with vinegar a few times, evaporate vinegar and reuse limonene for more pulls. Then freebase with sodium carbonate, IPA to get it out and let evap by itself to look/weight and/or infuse some herbs with it.

The question was more about the freebasing step. In what kind of container is it more practical to do it in?
The evaporated dmt acetate will probably be in some larger glass dish.. Should SWIM transfer the dmt acetate elsewhere, or tray is fine?

Just make paste by putting some sodium carbonate all over and sprinkling bit of water and going with the hands (gloves), or what? Or better in some smaller container mixing with some stainless steel object or something?

and then what about using IPA to get the freebase 'jungle spice' out of the paste, how is that done, in some filtering system over paper filters, or mixing some big amount and pulling with pippette the top layer, or what?

thanks guys! :)
First of all I always check, your orange oil is completely clear and transparent yes? You don't want even a hint of yellow before going into this.

After I get my vinegar pulls I empty them onto a shallow glass dish with a wide surface area, then I sprinkle sodium carbonate over the top, then scrape everything up with a razor blades and then put it all in a 50ml beaker where I wet it and mix to a thick paste.

Once thats dry I chop the powder up all fine and pour my solvent straight in and pipette off of the top, then repeat until it all comes out clear.
thats great!! thanks a lot :)

as for the orange oil, it does seem to have some yellowish tint to it but SWIM figured that since he is anyways gonna be migrating the alkaloids out of it with vinegar instead of evaporating the limonene straight like some people do, it wouldnt be a problem to be an impure limonene.. or is there something SWIM is missing in his reasoning here?
I honestly can't verify this for a DMT extraction, but when migrating a t. peruvianus extract out of yellow limonene I pulled a hell of a lot of impurities that were impossible to remove. This didn't happen with clear limonene.

and anybody has idea about amount of sodium carbonate, can SWIM go wrong with adding too much? any guess in grams to mix with the acetates of, say, 250g MHRB ?
I just cover the acetates quite thoroughly. You can't base DMT too high, especially with sodium carbonate. Scraping up DMT acetate is a pain so if you just mix the sodium carbonate into it, it should form a more solid mass that is much easier to scrape up, obviously use as little as you can because there's no point in going crazy, but if you have it say around 1:1, that just be more than enough to basify and to combine into the acetates to make them more manageable. Then you moisten this lump and make a paste out of it.
great :)

anybody knows if jungle spice acetate is soluble in IPA? Because SWIM was thinking of, instead of going through the trouble of scraping, redissolving it and evapping in other thiner container, and then mix with sodium carbonate etc..
I dont understand! SWIM poured the 200ml limonene in and it did not separate! He has maybe 3,5l mimosa filtered tea (from 200g mimosa), maybe 200g NaOH, salt, its warm and all, and still nothing!

Is there any other reason why limonene should not separate?!

it doesnt make sense, SWIM says it smells like there's limonene there, but it should separate, no?

SWIM was stupid to put all his limonene, he should have tested if it does separate normally from some acqueous layer.. but he thought it would for sure.. Help please!

(is it possible orange essence is not orange oil?)

Edit: it seems there is some emulsion on the bottom of the acqueous layer, instead of on the top! does that make any sense? Could it have to do with all the salt or?
If it was limonene it should have floated.

I really wouldn't do this tek with anythingthat isn't specifically labelled D-Limonene or at least has a referable MSDS that clearly indicates at least 92%+ limonene. There's so much stuff on the market that contains limonene that is miscible in water.

Honestly if it was limonene I can't see how it would have sank.

If it was limonene I have no experience of this situation and my only advice would be to introduce more NaOH, but that's just a wild guess based on my experience with naphtha emulsions.

SWIM tried all the usual measures of NaOH, water, salt, patience, heat, and nothing worked. He suspects it was some water soluble orange essence. He decided this limonene try failed so used hexane and made 4 usual warm pulls, it separated super fast like it should... So this increases suspicion there was smt wrong with the limo..

SWIM put the naphtha pulls on the freeze for some hours and it already has crystals on the bottom and is all foggy white. This was some very old powdered bark, lets see.. Maybe there is something from the orange essence in there, but he can always recrystalize.

So for now I guess SWIM will have to accept the hexane use and next time on another bark he will get some proper limonene (which he already found, nicely enough). He can't wait for getting the limonene tek right.
im excited for you dude...make sure you try some of that jungle with some maois....it can be reallly powerful
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