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Linking hypnagogia with dXmXt

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Have you been through both of these situations? From swim's experience there is a correlation between the two in the sense that the molecule is probably being released in this state of awaken sleep and thus providing a similar set up of sensory perception.

Swim had a couple of experiences smoalking D. and a few more in that transitional state between wafefulness and sleep. How did they resemble?
The first minutes after ejecting from the seat had the same kind of visuals as those when in a hypnagogic state. The bright, neon-like patterns and shapes crossing around one's mind were there in both of these states. The electric discharge all around swim's body as well. As for sound, couldn't tell. While smoalking swim had always music on, while on bed trying to sleep it had times where basic hypnagogic noises would pop up (explosions and such).

Swim's most intense trip had a specific transition between the ejection and the reaching of the entity, a voyage between planets and stars, all across the galaxies at a troubling speed. Felt like an hammer beating swim's heart while travelling through everything, watching a burst of clear light at the end, getting bigger and bigger until swim could let go completely and go through it to meet an immense multi-faced entity.
On the other side, this guy's most intense experience when getting to that stage between the awake and the sleeping was after smoalking a great amount of the herb before bed and after some sleep deprivation, this pushed swim to that hypnagogic state quickly. The electrical discharge and the intense visuals, ending up in a calm sight of a bright, white and gold gate. Swim did not pass through, fear and tiredfulness held it back.

Is there a relation between the two kinds of experience? The same sensory perceptions were involved everytime it happened. What do you make of it?

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