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Little dancing beings

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Swims last journey about a week ago,was the srangest dmt experience yet (not the strongest just the strangest).Most of his experiiences is w/ this long vein like of colors which mnifest's itself into a kind female entity but not humanly defined.It seems that she tries to seduce me into following her deeper into the realm in order to show swim thing's and swim has a lot further to go (never a full breakthrough,he's taking it slow).It is usually very spacious and lots of kaleidascope type imagery.The last journey swim saw a scene,which wasnt really pcychedelic in its imagery and it was very close in and not spacious,it was all happening very close to him.He saw these clearly defined beings that appeared to be jumpimg out of a diiferent realm and he would see half their body's when they were ripping or jumping out of that reality to where i could see them as a whole figure and they had a jester like appearence.They were doing this little tip toe dance and would duck down and dissapear into this little cave like structure and it would repeat itself like it was on a loop and they were very focussed on swim and looking at swim.Swim had spacetime continuum playing in the backround but didnt even notice the music.As all this was going on, there sounded to be like plastic wrapper being cumpled up behind swim.My notice started to get directed to this sound and it was a little irritating or bothersome because it was behind swim and he couldnt see it or knew what it was.As his attention was being taken off these beings they became a little taunting as if they were upset that he wasnt paying as much attention to them, at which point swim started to open his eyes.Swim has noticed and has heard from others that when you stop to think about something during a journey that might take your attention away from the molecule it tends to either taunt or even get a little mad that swim isnt fully paying attention.I realize that it is simply swims ego not completely "letting go" and getting distracted by a thought.Has anyone ever experienced this?Not just the dancing jester's but the molecule getting upset (for lack of a better term) that you are not 100% with it/her or it?
your mind will go mad, then you are thrown in hyperspace and you try to hang on to your “normal life experience” or try to remember your normal life, that you lived before you entered in this new place , because the discrepancy between this “two different states of consciousness” is to difficult to handle for human mind. So best what you can do, than you are in hyperspace, is : forget your normal life, explore, what you see here…otherwise you may have a real awful, disgusting horror-trip! But I wouldn’t say, that “the molecule is getting upset, then you are not 100% with it.” Its up to you, how you handle your situation….
Yeah, I agree completely.Swim has learned the need to let go completely through many psychedelic experiences,otherwise like you said,your mind or ego tries to hold on to your life experiences or what you percieve as reality and it can get real ugly.It was just that swims aattention was caught off guard by this sound and he stated to think about it and these beings seemed to want me to pay attention with them.Swim has noticed ,since he has been exploring the molecule (which isnt that long),that it has a unique personality different from say lsd and shrooms.Swim has never had a "Bad" experience with dmt but has noticed the potential, if your ego tries to fight the experience.Swim is pretty good at "letting go" but every now and then he will consciously notice or have a thought while under its powers and it's not like lsd,shrooms but the only way swim can put it is as if it wants you to go with "it" and if your not completely there it gets upset.Mabey i'm wrong but it seems as if it has a unique personality and will get upset if you're not completely with her (i like to refer to it as her).I read in strassmans book similar accounts from his volunteers.
The problem is, that we can’t know, what is our personal interpretation, what happened really. For example I don’t believe the beings are females. They left behind sexual reproduction, they unite male and female attributes, they are some sort of hermaphrodites imho.
It may be a sort of insolence and sacrilege not to listen to their teachings, but I can’t see, that they have some sort of “validity need”, like humans, or that they are insulted, then we don’t listen closely to them. But I tried to listen as good as possible, may be, they honoured that.
May be, it was some sort of coincidence…but in both of my journeys there was a point, then I wasn’t able to listen any longer to the teachings, everything went incredibly fast, and I said: “please stop. It’s too hard to follow any longer” and surprisingly that was the moment, then the beings began to go back to the chrysanthemum! May be, if my personal power and will to listen to those teaches would have been stronger, the trip would have last longer, I don’t know…..
There is what appears to be some colorful light/enrgy and color that envelopes me that bring's me to wherever i am going.It has very gentle,soft,wrm presence and quality that of a female and mabey that's my subconscious that is projecting it,who know's.I dont know about the little dancing people,that was compltely different.On one experience i saw to out alien'ish outline of figures or shadow's that were just watching me from a distance, but that energy/light that i attribute w/ being female is always the first to great me in the form of many colors.I believe that like on any trip the symbols we see can simply be projections of my subconscious whether it's based on fear,love and just life experience and ego.Which is why a trip can be theraputic,enlightening and so on but there seems to be something more than that going on aswell.The realms in which we journey and being that are encountered seem to be the same for many a traveller.I dont think any words can do it justice.
I agree with you, one aspect is this “female/mother quality” of the dmt-experience: it’s just warm and gentle and the love, you are receiving, isn’t attached at any conditions. But there is “male/father quality” as well. And you will be confronted with this quality either, then you are ready for this. It’s just the other pole, which makes the experience entire. Then you are confronted with that, you can’t just lean back and receive the gift of love, you have to fight, or you will be destroyed by this overwhelming power. You may say:”hey, man this is only the projection of your subconscious or an aspect of your own dark “inside”, you are fighting against yourself, you have to defeat your ego an so on….”. That’s true. And keep in mind, that shamans over the whole world report about this situation as essential part of psychedelic experience. And keep in mind, that “inside” or “outside” doesn’t matter any longer in hyperspace. Inside and outside are two aspects of one reality. And the love and how it is represented in the “male/father quality” of dmt manifests in that way, that you are confronted with this dark side and this is very hard, frightening and psychedelic. And I think this aspect makes the experience entire and is important for the full healing/teaching effect of dmt.
But if you don’t feel strong enough to bear the confrontation with…yourself (and don’t you think you know yourself, nobody really knows himself!), don’t go any further. Nobody can help you, then you get in trouble on your journey, there is no well trained shaman at your side, keep that in mind……
I think swim must go further.There is always a little apprehension before swim blasts off everytime, but why would swim want to deny this aspect of the experience which can potentially be the most,insightful,elightening and theraputic part of the process.Swim definately has some inner demons to be confronted and untill those demons are confronted swim will alway's be shackled to them.Which is also why swim wants to drink the aya w/ a shaman.Everyone has fear no doubt and swim has experienced 1k mics of lysergic so swim is not new to psychedelics but dmt is unlike any othe psychedelic he's experienced.One must face his or hers own fears (atleast for swim).Swim might take it slow to get to know the molecule but ultimately if one can project love and positive energy it is one of the most beauitiful experience's swim has had.You mentioned when recieving the polar opposite "father",you said you cant just sit back and take it in or you'll be destroyed and that you must fight but if thats the case and "I" must fight then my ego would be getting in the way,no?Obviously,there are demons that will be confronted and one must be prepared for that confrontation but why the need to meet that occasion with a fight?Mabey just because swim hasnt had that confrontation yet,he simply does not know but acceptance of one's self and being o.k with who you are is ultimately part of the theraputic value of any psychedelic experience.Is fighting nessisary?I cant not go foward it's too late plus swim loves the beauty,so i guess what will be ,will be but swim is going slow and any input or feedback is greatly appreciated.Swim plans on taking a trip to peru sometime in the not so far future for an aya ceremony.I hear that can even be more theraputic.I also dig what you were saying about the inside and outside doesnt matter in hyperspace.
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El Ka Bong said:
I get the urge to play editor ...

... aren't we all past 'swim'-ing ..? .. the word starts to get 'heavy' after awhile, no ?... all that hyperlinked-text, doesn't that 'slow' the forum server down, or something..? (jk ..! jk .. !)

oh .. and leaving spaces can help the read, and can sort one's ideas ... I tend to skim through blocks of text ... but it's just me, I know .. I know ...

It's not just you!
No offense, many of these posts are very interesting but so hard to read. And yes, no big deal but this SWIM stuff is getting tiring!

SWIM's two cents: just shout off the roofs that YOU believe in Elves and Hyperspace - in no time you will be known as the village idiot, not the kind of prey they are after ;)
El Ka Bong said:
I get the urge to play editor ...

... aren't we all past 'swim'-ing ..? .. the word starts to get 'heavy' after awhile, no ?... all that hyperlinked-text, doesn't that 'slow' the forum server down, or something..? (jk ..! jk .. !)

oh .. and leaving spaces can help the read, and can sort one's ideas ... I tend to skim through blocks of text ... but it's just me, I know .. I know ...

Obviously not just you :)

I hardly ever read these massive blocks of text. And I just stopped using swim because it's me that's smokin the spice not swim!! :)
sorry guys and gals.
I've been givin a heads up on my posting shortcomings and will do my best to improve,that way my postings more legieable.
So,no more swim? Because i know "I" dont participate in any illegal activities.

I may be an idiot but i dont want to be the village idiot.
I've learned "when in rome,do as the romans do".I dont want to go against the grain.So if i do anything inapproprate or out of the norm,just let me know. Peace to all
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I get the urge to play editor ...

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I want to meet some little dancing beings!!! Or, some jesters!!! I'm starting to get confidence that I can take more hits before I'm not aware of my own existence.. maybe it's what I need to do!
For some reason i have a really low tolerance and i guess that makes me lucky.

2 medium sized hits ( i really should weigh it out just for reference) and i'm in dmt land fo sometimes up to a half hr.,although the peak is about 10 minutes.

My 1st encounter w/ beings was with 2 shadow figures that looked exactly like tall thinaliens w/ long limbs and they were just chilling.They were in my peripheral view w/one on each side and they were just checking me out and they werent part of the psychedelic visuals,they were clear cut shadow,alien figures.

My second time was unlike any dmt experience i've ever had.Usually a female-like entity in the form of colors and light is waht first greets me and she/it takes me in to wherever it is we are going and there are alway's plenty of colors and light.

This time was different.The famale,color/light entity never came but instead,i had a vision being in a place.It seemed as if it were outside and all of a sudden this jester-like figure starts to rip himself out of some other dimension into mine.I couldsee him as he was coming through.At first his head popped out then half of his body was exposed untill he was a whole figure standing infront of me and he was doing this funny little tip toe dance and staring at me in the face.

He did this tip toe dance and then ducked down so he could fit into this little cave and dissapear and then another one would rip out of this other reality and do the same thing,it was like a loop and continuus.

I was a little shy to look them in the face and it seemed as if they taunted me a little because of it as if they wanted me to look them in the face.

Then all of a sudden there was this noise coming from behind my head that sounded like the crumpling of plastic paper,which made me a little uneasy (mabey because it was coming from behind me and i couldnt see where it was coming from),at which point i started to open my eyes and looked over at my girlfriend and said WOW!

This has been my extent w/ being's there hasnt really been any interaction or verbal or mind communication but they were definately there.

Even though i got a little uneasy on the second report,it wasnt bad in anyway,nor did i get scared it jusr made me a little uneasy,so i opened my eyes.
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