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Little eggs or something on salvia cuttings

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So, this is the first round of cuttings this summer and I've got these things all over my plants two days after moving from water to soil... I don't really know how to describe them - they're like little balls on stems I guess (see pics). They appeared in clumps on the base of the stem at first but now they're taking over the plants. Anyone have an idea what this is? I've got 9 cuttings with this problem. I'd hate to scrap them and start over.


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if its been two days you might be able to gently remove the cuttings from the soil, clean off the eggs (?) and get new soil or microwave the heck out of this soil to kill any critters.
Hey T. Harper thanks for responding. I don't think it's spider mites. There's nothing crawly as far as I can tell, and sifting through the soil I can't find anything. The stuff at the base (the older stuff) is turning brown and just kind of gooshes and smears when I touch it. The plants still seem healthy though. I'm curious what it might be. I put them outside for now, so maybe something will eat it or whatever's causing it. I have plenty of stock and I don't feel like washing/microwaving, so I'm just taking more cuttings. I'll definitely nuke the soil next time though. I always mean to since it sits in the garage for months, but I always forget.
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