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Rising Star
Hey, been a while since I've been around. Been out traveling. Loving the new additions to the nexus.

I've read through these threads and looked at the wiki. I don't think I've noticed a start yet for descriptions of physical places in hyperspace (the mapping thread is close but seems to have a different intention). There seem to be actual physical places which are recurring themes in these experiences. Many of us have experienced these locations and read about similar descriptions in various literature. Might be worth adding to the lexicon.

Some common places:

The Waiting Room (aka: the playpen, the white room)
This is a location many people seem to end up at at some point. It feels like a waiting room or a playpen of sorts. Sometimes other beings are present, sometimes not. Sometimes a distinct observational presence can be felt from outside the space looking in at you. Sometimes the observers can actually be seen through the boundary of the space. Many times it is an entirely white space. A friend described it as a space where the walls have no edges and the corners disappear. The size of the space varies from a very large room to a small pod. On many occasions (for this writer), the observers actually are rubbing up against all sides of the pod to perceive the interior with all their senses (a potentially creepy experience, except that it is always accompanied by a projection of profound love which dismisses any negative reaction in the observed).

The Control Room (aka: the bridge)
Another common location involving HSBs (hyper spatial beings). Many people, including this writer, arrive at a location where they and the beings present seem to be observing an almost infinite external space from an internal location. The beings appear to be controlling/observing this external space. It feels to some as a giant control room, or a bridge of a starship.

The Machine (aka: the clockworks, the core)
While I've heard of and read about many descriptions of the above 2 locations, I'm not sure I've heard many people talking about this place. It was a common arrival point for this writer on many occasions (particularly with oral pharma preps). The experience is like floating above a giant, gear-like core of a multi-dimensional machine demonstrating impossible geometry and mechanical movement of massive interconnected rings. There is a distinct feeling that this is 'the' central workings which creates the fabric of reality? It's a bizarre space, but extremely beautiful. The components of the machine sometimes appear solid, but more often appear made of pure white light with infinite patterns emblazoned across the surface (many of these places, not only the machine, often appear in different degrees of physical presence, sometimes barely representational and other times completely physically present).

The White Void (aka: the infinite plain, pure space)
This space seems to be a final destination of sorts; long past the SPO, long past the chrysanthemum, long past any 'physical' space inhabited by HSBs. On occasion, arrival is instant as the other phases fly past during takeoff. Other times it is a slow arrival from time spent at other locations. The space feels like an infinite plain with no dimension, devoid of boundaries or form. Sometimes actual 'space like' objects can be perceived like stars and planets. A similar space is often reached with psilocybin but that place is infinitely black to all senses and the space where the entity speaks. The hyperspace version of this seems more made of light. On occasion the presence of people in our physical world can be perceived as columns or spots of pure light.

Any of these ring any bells for anyone? Anyone have any places to add?
There are a view locations where i have been more then once.

-A circus wich is a circustent with inside, a dark space with all kinds of creatures floating around, while i'm also floating there.

-Am opera hall/concert hall. Much gold and marble. Very much like a classical opera house.

-A jungle with trees and birds that emit pulsating light. I call this place hyperspace christmas land, because they all seem to be christmas trees with their innumerous flickering lights.

-and indeed a sort of machine world. An enormous machine of spinning wires.

-There is also a city with a grand central square and huge skyscrapers around it. It has an arabic style palace.
my soul gets passed through a golden cathedral sometimes, complete with the most beautiful music in all the universe...

then there's the high dose impossible place that's also alive. A place that is a being. Infinitely. Yep...

I love this thread thank you! The main place i have been to is deep within side a deep red lotus flower where all i can see is red furling and unfurling petals. The second place or area is the life perspective of a plant nestled in between the green chlorophyll of a leaf being and existing as a plant.

Much Peace
Hey, nice to see some responses.

Since this is the 'lexicon' forum. I'd suggest people try to give a name to new locations they are adding (with some alternate names). Pick something which describes the location to you or summarizes the feeling of being there. A good name should evoke some related imagery for someone who has not visited there, and ideally should also wake up a memory or a flash of realization and agreement for someone who has been there.
i have visited the white room 3 times - every time it wasa very rewarding experience.
First time it was a rectangular huge white room with acacia obtusifolia trees growing in the middle on tables - it filled with ice cold carbonated spring water which scrubbed every atom in my body.
Second time was like a loft room with a ceiling and walls that seemed to be made of white sheets - very sunny and warm.
Third time was a huge white aeroplane hangar that quickly filled with birds and trees made from ultra pure spice xtals(first time smoking heptane re-x'd spice)

Always a feeling of comfort, cleanlyness and reward there.
Could it be, that the "white room" is the first location behind the veil, the biomechanical alien flesh? Does it have no realy edges, but is shaped organically ...soft blurry spots of white molasses instead of edges...like living in a drop of milky space snot, made of pure white ceramic ?

Intense telepathic contact occurs...it's seems like they are speaking from this place. It's also the first place, where hyperspace music occours ...no more carrier wave.
The place I went to I called 'the ether', it wasn't white and it wasn't a room, it was just a vast, infinite space of...space?? It felt like the flip side of space-time. No amazing colours etc, just light-beings who showed me the secrets of the universe and the history of it, the design of it, how consciousness and physical reality worked. They showed me the paths I had waiting for me after my current reality ended. We had the ability to look at anything, the origins of evolution, other impossibly tiny dimensions with miniscule bug like things scurrying along grid-lines. But the actual place seemed to be a place you go to when you pass on, or to get answers?? I asked a lot of question when there and they answered them all. I got the feeling it was a stage to the next stage or something. They told me everyone came here and had been here before. I don't know what to call this place but 'the ether' was what I said when I came to. Has anyone else visited here?
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