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Looking for advice and help in search of psychedelic, Mexico

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Hello forum,

I'm currently living in Tampico, Mexico for the next 5 months (until February) and I would appreciate any good folks (souls, 4th dimensional beings) on advice or directions to where or how would I approach any psychedelic substances found around here, including the good old MJ.

I'm living with family relatives who are not educated or interested in any illegal or taboo topics, except my wife.
I'm aware of what I can find here but .. yea.

Hope this won't get deleted before I get a reply, PM would help me a lot!

Thank you good people,

Peace and blessings to everyone!
What exactly are you asking for here? What do you mean by approach?

I'm not sure if you meant where you could acquire these things? This can not be talked about here; refer to the bottom Attitude quote

Also you said :

I'm aware of what I can find here but .. yea.

See: Attitude Page


No discussion on selling, buying, sourcing, acquiring, pricing, trading, receiving, distributing, mentioning pending deliveries or smuggling of drugs

This includes all isolated psychedelic compounds and RCs (Research Chemicals), whether they are legal or not. The only goods allowed to be discussed are legal live plants, legal viable seeds (both in the Sustainable plant and seed suppliers subforum) and legal/unwatched chemical supplies. See Street Value of DMT (AND WHY YOU SHOULDN'T EVER SELL DMT AND OTHER PSYCHEDELICS) for good reasons why we don't allow this.

Also please read this thread: Bye bye MHRB sourcing talk, we will remember you

Please don't go asking people to PM you either to 'help you out'. This forum literally can teach and show you everything from the ground up. This is exactly why this forum and the Welcome Area are here.

Any questions - be sure to post them in the welcome area. If there's a main thread that you're not able to post in yet you can always throw a link up in a post in the welcome area referring to the specific thread and start a discussion in the welcome area regarding whatever it is you'd like to discuss. Things can get moved around if need be.

I'm sorry if I misconstrued anything you said, correct me if I'm in the wrong here. Just trying to point ya in the right direction.
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