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Lost & Seeking Advice with Solvents

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Rising Star
Dear nexus,

thank you all for this amazing place!
I read much and discover more and more.

Sacred plants helped me with my growth.
They allowed to start a process of untangling knots,
healing wounds from the past, and in consequence continue to improve my day to day.

I had/have some mental health issues that only improved thanks to sacred plants.

I would like to continue this process of carefully opening towards a richer and more meaningful life through the guidance of plants helping to explore who I am. It seems selfish, but by being more secure in who I am it helps me to be more functional in society and more kind to others.

At the current stage, I seek advice.

I am in Australia
and found after much bush walking a huge colony of Acacia mucronata, which seems according to some reports a good candidate. I am currently also trying to grow some from seeds.

Soon I will receive the TLC kit developed by endlessness allowing me to test some leaves. Assuming/hoping for a positive result, I lack an understanding of the further substances needed.

Is the following up to date?
When extracting leaves following a simple phyllode tek, someone would need:
1.) white vinegar + distilled water
2.) NaOH = Sodium Hydroxide
3.) ph meter
4.) sodium chloride = salt
5.) non-polar solvent = naphta, limonine, shellite

There are many discussion about getting the right and good non-polar solvent in Australia
and there is always a definitive up-to-date answer missing.

Can someone, grounded in experience, point at a brand available in Australia for the non-polar solvent good in this context?

I want to minimize the possibility of wasting precious leaves.

I am drawn to the tree
and like to go through the process to explore it
in parallel to an approach inspired by Grof's psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in a symbiosis with the mushroom.
At the moment, traveling with the mushroom seems in regards to the factors of sustainability, energy spend, and time invested, more reasonable.
But I guess this depends on the number and frequency of journeys
and the resonance with the different plants.

I am blessed to roam among you and do my best to learn.
I receive with thankfulness all input.

- wish you well to sparkle among the stars, c.
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