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Love is acceptance

Migrated topic.
Yes it is a sickness of the mind, obviously, and something I cant feel love for, pity yes because I think most paedophiles do have a disease but some that ive read about are fully concious of what they are doing and will never stop so I am convinced of people like that existing.

I seen a film once about this guy who raped his eight year old daughter, it was a true story. he got sent to this unit that gave them therapy, he was there for eight years. It wasnt like a normal jail the whole time they would sit in group therapy trying to work out their problems, 60% of them never offended again and 40% did. It was the only place of its kind in the world then the locals got rid of it because they didnt want something like that in their backyard. It was seen as the only success in treating paedophiles in the wolrd and now it doesnt exist. the wife of the guy took him back, as he had "recovered" the daughter wanted her dad back too, was quite strange and interesting, so they did find that some could be healed and some couldnt so I do think people like that exist, fully concious of the evil acts they commit.

I mean you get little girl and boy bars in thailand and other poor countries that are frequented by western paedophiles who reguarly abuse children and as I said I have complete disdain for these people, I dont think any amount of ayahuasca could change my feelings towards the sickos of the world, hopefully I evolve or something and I can feel love for all creation.

Sorry for derailing your positive post fractal just this stuff plays on my mind when it comes to love for all.
soulfood said:
Infinite I said:
Simply because people can't choose who they are and they certainly can't change the influence that society has had on them in the past.

Even the sickest rapist can love his mother and his own children.

Just noticed your post after I posted. your right people cant choose who they are and I struggle to have love for evil people who are concious of their actions. You cant blame society for some people, some people are just sickos no matter what their upbringing.
For me, it sometimes seems like all space-time events have an interdependent quality, so those evil people equally sustain everything else. In that space, all is Naught; 0 = (+1) + (-1).
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