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Love, Life and Learning

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Hello Nexians,

I joined up a couple of years ago but haven't been very active in that time, I knew from the moment I joined that this place is of a different calibre to other forums, and as such I have waited until I felt ready to participate and contribute.

I could never have known how far DMT would bring me, and finding words to describe the change my life has gone through is very difficult, indeed describing a force of nature is no small task. From a self-destructive miserable existance I found a life of love and learning through my DMT experiences. I enrolled part time at university to study chemistry, and my life has changed beyond almost all recognition. Perhaps I will write up my story to post here one day.

I would never have come so far so quickly were it not for the incredible wealth of information contained within this website. I am eternally grateful to be a part of this incredible journey. Thank you so much, truly! I only hope I can give back half as much as I have recieved.

Some pictures of my last extraction. I loosely follow Cyb's Max Ion Tek.


Welcome, that's a nice bit of spice you have there! Well done!

You have my upvote!

I look forward to your future contributions.

That's amazing that DMT has changed you so much for the better.

If you choose to write the story I for one would read it.

Peace and love to you! :thumb_up:
Thanks Tara :)

Your comment motivates me to want to write my story. I will soon, when I find the time and strength to do so.
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