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Lovely first cactus experience

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So last weekend i got approx 1.5 foot of one named clone of bridgesii, and .5 foot of another named bridgesii clone. So, overall 2 feet of bridgesii (Achuma).

Chopped it up into inch thick stars, then cut those stars into quarters (spines, skin, core all intact).

Put these quarter star chunks into a pot all at once, filled with tap water until just above the cactus line.

Brought it to just below simmer (the water wasnt bubbling at all).
Left it like this for 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

After 2 hours, i filtered out the water with the pot lid and then filled up again with water to the same level and did another 2 hour cook.

after that 2 hours was done i strained again with the lid and combined the liquids, reduced them in a rice cooker with lid off. (got hotter than when simmering but still did not bubble).

I was aiming to reduce it to resin to cap, but time did not permit so i got it all down to about 200ml.

I had about 1/5th of this in about half a shotglass, i gave two other female friends this same dose. I was driving to a psy party in the bush so i didnt dose until we were there.

Small female friend hadnt eaten much at all during the day and vomitted a few times on the way to the party, other female friend a bit bigger had absolutely no nausea.

They both had light visuals 1.5 hours after dosing. Their trips where quite similar to mine, but the girl that threw up, her onset was a bit quicker which is interesting to note, she also had a bit of a lighter trip, most likely because she threw up some of the tea before it could all be absorbed.

I dosed when we got there.

1 hour - feeling a bit weird, not in a bad way but not really good either.
1.5 hour - light visuals, i stare at something and it just sorta sprawls out at me a little.
2 hours - Feeling a tiny little bit sick so i have a small amount of marijuana (i dont smoke much) - this helps, but probobly wasnt even needed in the first place. Mainly did it because when my friend who had vomitted had some marijuana it fixed her right up.
2.5 hours - the sprawling visuals are a bit more intense now, as i walk around i feel lots of "sunlight warmth" flowing through me and it feels as though im just gliding along when i walk not moving my feet (this is fun!), closing my eyes listening to the music i see geometric rainbow patterns that jump around, i have a big smile on my face the music sounds awesome and im quite empathetic.
3 hours - peaking. - I am tripping quite hard but im not "losing my shit" in any sort of way, i can now see how mescaline is very forgiving. I sit down in my car and close my eyes listening to the funky glitch hop playing over the huge sound system 50 meters away, i see what i can simply describe as the itunes visualiser but with ALOT more rainbows. I can literally see each layer of the glitchy bass driven funky music. This is pure bliss, it feels almost like MDMA. I feel a bit of groggyness which i possibly attribute to the bridgesii alkaloids known to do this, but it isnt anything bad. The closed eye visuals are amazing, the build ups in the songs and the bass drops litterally make my whole body feel like ecstasy and it feels like the visuals which are completely colorful rainbow visions shooting around are directly tied into my bodies warmth and happyness. I feel the feeling in my head of the phenethylamines doing there work on my brain. It feels quite serious in the way its affecting me but i am not worried, it feels like it has a strong grip on me but is healing me, for the first time in my psychedelic use i feel like i have found an ally, i can think about anything and focus on how i need to improve it, as opposed to say dmt breakthrough hits where you reevaluate everything.

Overall, this would have to be one of the most fun trips ive had, it has redifined the term closed eye visuals for me. I can't wait to experiment with the other trichocereus species such as pachanoi(San Pedro) and peruvianus(Peruvian Torch).
your preparation was poor, resulting in a weak potion, which you split (2 feet achuma - 1 real dose) amongst 3 people
you ended up with about 1/6 of the 2 foot experience you prepared. 4 hours is not long enough to successfully pull all the phenythylamines out. i didnt catch if you acidified the water or not, that also increases the speed of a tea coming to full potency.

im glad you had a good time and all. in the future, fuck psy parties, go off in the woods alone or with san pedro journeyers and dose simultaneously

san pedro, is the true medicine of evolution. so treat it as such. FAST before use, do not bastardize the experience by eating or indulging your body in pleasures. but thats just my approach

atleast you didnt decide to drop e
so goodjob
I dunno hey.. The cactus i used is one of the most popular clones in australia for its mescaline content. its REALLY potent. I've tripped on heaps of other things before and was tripping quite hard from that 1/6th of a "real dose". If i had 6 times that.. i wouldnt be on this planet, i wouldnt be able to move.

Why do you think my my preperation was poor? How do you go about making your tea? If you know how i can improve it dont leave me hanging, let me know! :)

Yeah, i also did add a bit of lemon juice during the cooks
Sounds like you did everything just fine Eluna. The rule of thumb is too simmer as you did untill the flesh isnt bitter any more, sometimes thats 2 hours, sometimes its 6 or more. Well done on a successful extraction.

Experiment with the plants and listen to your self, try not to get caught up in the folk lore and 'rituals' of it all, just listen to your self and enjoy the sensual response your body and mind has to these compounds :d These cacti have the most amazing ability to still the mind, don't fill that space up with 'shamanistic' ideals and truth seeking. The stillness is the best bit.

The greatest thing I ever learnt form these plants was absolutely nothing at all :d
While i kinda get what suicybe is saying, but i cant imagine going into a trip starved .Whilst beatiful and awesome and whatever u want to call it, it's an intense and sometimes rough ordeal , i think sustenance is good.

Af for your method , you maybe coulda cooked longer, but i dont think its bad at all .Nice man , im glad u had a good experience :)
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