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Low yield on FASW

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My cat has been doing the BLAB tek (using FASW) for about a month now. She's done 2 pulls succesfully, which resulted in around 0,6% of the initial MHRB weight. Now she decided to make another pull, since, in theory, she can still get 0,4% to make a total of 1% of the total weight.
First she noticed the limonene was way more orange than in previous pulls, but thought it was because it had a high alkaloid content...then the FASW had a very dark color after salting with limonene.
Then she evaporated the resulting FASW on a hot water bath (to get rid of limonene and reduce the water volume a bit), and put the glass jar on the fridge for a few days, only to cool down and see if there were limonene traces left. After about a day she noticed some weird looking crystals forming on the base of the jar, she checked the ph and it was around 2-3, so it couldn't already be freebase. Also, some of those crystals were collected and came out positive when Ehrlich reagente was added (while the water containing, in theory, dmt fumarate, did not change color when the reagent was added) although I can't imagine how they could be dmt fumarate or freebase (their smell also wasn't as strong).
After separating those weird crystals from the water, she proceeded to add sodium carbonate saturated water (she checked the ph and it was around 12-13), that surprisingly resulted on a carbonated water much like soda, and no crystal precipitation whatsoever.
She's starting to think the bark is exhausted (hard to believe, since it's from a reliable source that usually yield more than 1%), but maybe something else is wrong. Can anyone take a guess?
pete666 said:
2,5kg is a stopper here, I doubt anyone will be willing to help

I'm really sorry, I had no idea that amount was considered too much. I changed my post, thanks for the tip.
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