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LSD and everything -Trip Report-

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Hello Nexus, its been too long.
Some back story before the start the report: I have been using hallucinogens off and on for the last year, predominately Marijuana (if that counts - it is technically a Psychedelic so I personally believe it does although the effects are more of a mental state rather than overwhelming visuals), HWBR, Yopo (Not Cebil or Vilca), Heavenly Blues, Syrian Rue (In some opinions a Psyc), and combinations of the above. Within this time I have learned about life and how small we really are in comparison to all that is. I have realized that death is inevitable at some point in time for our third dimensional physical bodies and one should not fear because death is only the beginning.
I am also a pretty firm believer in "The Third Eye" and have used Psychedelics to learn how my brain works and how to manipulate it in order to open said eye in a sober state of mind (Using Psycs to achieve enlightenment without using them over time if that makes since). I have begun to practice Astrial Projection/ Lucid Dreaming and am trying to get the method down.
Anyways enough back story, onto the report:

So recently I had my second experience with this wonderful chemical (or at least what was sold under its name). As the effects began to take full hold about a hour and a half in or so I proceeded to take ONE hit of grass and the second the smoke hit my lungs I knew I was in for something crazy. So about 10-15 mins after taking said hit the physical sensations became unreal. I felt the oscillation in frequency of my right and left brain hemispheres and the "Gears Grinding in my Head". This was a effect I had during my last L trip (higher dosage and much more weed that time. Quite a Anxious experience but still enlightening none the less.) so this time, being familiar with it and knowing I wasn't going to die, I began to play with it. I seemed to have control over my brains actions and by focusing on the center of my forehead (which was hard to find cause it felt like my consciousness was being pulled into a hole in the back of the left side of my head. Oh and the hole was the size of a Atom. That is the best description I have for it) I could get the hemispheres to synchronize and at that point my eyes vision crossed and began to blur as colorful textures began to dance in my head. The visual effects were amazing. The walls grew intricate textures that pop-ed off of them about half a CM and the textures began to change color slightly as they moved around the room matching my brain oscillation and the music I was listening to. I noticed that the "Dripping" people talk about on this Psyc is (for me) the textures moving from say the ceiling to the wall and just wrapping onto the surface while still keeping the half CM off the wall (if that makes sense. :p Sorry haha this stuff is REALLY REALLY hard to describe accurately it seems). If I stared into a mirror into my own eyes I would begin to move into it (Idk what that was about). To me, Laser Space Drones seems to be a key to unlocking our bodies natural ability to pick up on exterior vibrations and interact with them without physically touching them.
At some point I came down off the weed and could finally think again (forgot to mention, I had a ego-death experience with this combo in that my mind was "Somewhere Else and I couldn't find it") and I though, wow... How can all this knowledge exists within us and we not notice it. I feel as if it gives us the ability to see into ourselves and identify the problems within in order to fix them. Its like "Your mind dies Verrrry fast, and slowly comes back to being in a new and improved form".

If I remember more I will edit the post. Does any of this seem accurate for this substance (please respond if you are experienced with L as the only people I know other than myself who use it are too insane to hold a normal conversation with. And rightfully so as they drop 10 strips of the stuff days in a row for couple weeks at a time)? I do realize that with this class of substance that the results are truly unpredictable and are based on the individual who uses them but I do think that everyone's experiences follow at least some of the same aspects.
Also, I could taste my teeth melting. That normal? I have a lot of fillings and I think the high acidity in my bloodstream created the taste when it made contact with the teeth.
Another thing (Yeah I know lol long ass post... sorry haha :lol: Just trying to learn more about this), Is it normal when on L to have your senses switch places? as in taste moments, hear smells, smell tastes (I think that one may be a normal sense that was just heightened because our sense of smell does play a key factor in how we taste stuff) etc.?

Anyways if you all have any questions or comments I would love to hear.
Note for Agents: Bro, I'm insane. I have no idea what any of the above is. Don't believe me? lol I have powers.
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