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LSD as first psychedelic?

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So I have been away doing research. Can't take anything at the moment as I am on a prescription of codeine amongst other painkillers due to molar extraction. It is looking likely that I have a dry socket so that means more drugs, probably antibiotics at the very least. I want to be 100% naturally clean before I consume any psychedelic.

I am thinking of LSD as my first psychedelic, for several reasons.

- I know what I am getting is good.

- Ease of use - pop a tab under the tongue. Swallow. Done.

- 6 hour trip length. I would like to explore CEV's, meditation, listening to my favorite music (ironically my favorite album (The Fat of the Land) features a track with a mantra in it - Om Namo Narayana - so that could be interesting to chant...) as well as the afterglow it gives you.

- I will be tripping on my own, at my computer. No sitter. Will lock all windows obviously, etc.

Question is should I take a full 150ug tab or half of it as it is my first time? How long should I space these trips out?

I like the idea of shrooms but...bad taste, I don't have a good source, and I don't like the idea of purging... too complicated for now.

Does anyone have experience with LSD specifically?

If I want to explore my psych, for psychotherapy, should I ask my inner voice questions in relation, whilst tripping? Or does merely thinking about "hey why do I have anxiety" tend to bring about the solution? People talk about treating these issues and integration afterwards but they never say exactly how. Or maybe for my first trip I should do it as an observer and not ask any questions? After all, I will have 10 of them, and have the rest of my life ahead of me, so there is plenty of time?

Thank you
Experiencing dental pain or taking codeine wouldn't be conducive to a good experience on LSD. As a youth I tried mixing codeine with LSD and the codeine very much dampened the experience and I can imagine how intense physical pain might seem while tripping, so I would recommend getting over all of that first.

LSD is a perfectly good first experience with psychedelics but the onset and peak effects can be overwhelming. I would have a level-headed friend available, preferably one experienced with psychedelics. The chat room here is also a good resource while tripping. 100 mics is a good introduction to LSD, but the deeper experiences start at 150-200u. At those doses you get into Ego Death Territory which is a profound and revelatory experience. If I was going to trip alone I would limit it to 100 mics for a first experience (Assuming you are correct in your identification and dose).

Other tips:

1) Some people purge on LSD, but usually only the first time so don't be surprised if you do.

2) The effects last longer than 6 hours and taper off slowly so don't expect to be back to baseline in 6 hours even with 100 mics.

3) If the universe decides to manifest 10 hits of LSD for you I would store the 8 or 9 hits you don't use somewhere else while you trip the first time. Psychedelics have a way of exciting the FLUSH EVERYTHING! FLUSH EVERYTHING! impulse and you'll feel pretty dumb if you come down having flushed good acid. Trust me. I know (Hangs head in shame).
All of Wolfies points are great :thumb_up:

Just some other pointers for happy tripping;

* Clean your house before you trip, you don't want a mess around you when psychedelic.
* Turn your phone off and lock the front door. You probably won't want any disturbances.
* Have some nice natural foods on hand for the come down. Juices, yoghurts, nuts, fruits, etc
* Have a shower when your peak starts to fade. It will make you brand new.
* Just go with the flow. LSD will bring up everything you need to think about, you don't need to go searching for these things. Be aware it may be difficult to stop thinking about them. If you have any serious personal issues I highly recommend you wait until they are resolved.
* Music can change mood instantly with LSD. If things aren't going as you'd like or you want to change it up just changing the music can change everything.
* It never hurts to have Valium or Xanax on hand for first timers or large doses. It will take the sting out of a trip that is going poorly. It's only really an "eject button" though, as a last resort. All the magic will disappear after taking it.

Have fun and be safe :thumb_up:
Thank you. Post edited!

I will be taking it in my parents house (live at home currently) at night when everyone is in bed. I have my dog with me but might ask for them to have him for the night.

I was thinking about renting a room at a nice B&B in the countryside for these trips but it will be unfamilliar so there are swings and roundabouts for each setting.

I do have personal issues but not depression currently. I want to use entheogens to fix the issues... advice elsewhere lead me to LSD or I wouldn't have considered it. I have pretty much exhausted everything else, tried everything and nothing has fixed the personal issues, including therapy, and hypnotherapy. There are 2 personal issues that are seperate - anxiety, and binge eating

Namaste :)
Expect the full duration to be 12 hours+ (ymmv, but that's pretty standard)

You will be confronted with your personal issues, anxiety may be a difficult one to deal with whilst tripping. I definitely recommend having some sort of benzo on hand in your scenario. Only take it if you feel you will have a full on panic attack though. The hardest trips are the greatest teachers.

Dogs can be good when you are tripping, they are there for you when all else seems lost. Mine has seen me through some hardcore journeys.

You won't want to be confined to a single small room and scared to make noise. Nor will you likely want to face your parents, not even 10-12 hours after ingestion, that may add an edge to the whole experience if you are at home. You may want to time it for when you have the house to yourself.

LSD cannot fix your issues, I'm sure you understand that. It will likely bring everything up to the surface and stuff it in your face for 6 hours, give you insights that you normally wouldn't think of (or would deny), it can be inescapable. It's how you deal with those truths that gives it the potential to be teacher.
Not trying to talk you out of it but I would avoid taking psychadelics anywhere near to anyone who shouldn't know you are "doing drugs".

Even answering phone while tripping can give you a serious panic attack because you may think that your cover is blown. I almost went nuts because of it on LSA. Fortunately I had someone to calm me down.

I think somewhere in a nature(woods, picnic place, etc.), or some place safer than parents house, where you can fully relax and not think about anything would give you much profound experience.

I'm not experienced with LSD so that's all I can advice.

Be safe and good luck.
I just wanted to echo what Melotikaci and Northerner said. I don't want to discourage you either because psychedelics are a wonderful thing to experience... BUT... set and setting are so incredibly vital to having a safe, successful, and stress-free trip. If your parents are cool with it, then I wouldn't worry too much. However, if they are not okay with it and they are in the house, then there is a chance, slim as it may seem, that they may interact with you while you are under the influence. That in and of itself can be daunting.

As mentioned, LSD can last much longer than 6 hours and it can act sort of like a stimulant which might make sleep difficult later on in the evening/morning. I like to come down from any psychedelic with some good green, but I don't know how feasible that would be in your situation.

I always like to make sure I have at least one full day to recover after the experience too.

-As for the trip itself, just let it flow and go with it.
-Listen to good music while you dance and laugh the night away!
-Glowsticks are fun!
-Instruments, especially drums, are the bee's knees, if that is your thing.
-Paint or draw
-Experience nature (safely with a predetermined location)
-Share the experience with a trusted friend or girlfriend/boyfriend (someday).
-Stretching or Yoga (if you are fancy :p ) feels even more incredible!
-Lying down with eyes closed

I realize some of those may not be possible but they are ideas for the future if nothing else! Lastly, make sure you have everything you will need for any of your possible activities already set up and within reach before you dose. There is nothing more confusing than trying to find and set up an easel, a painters palette with 12+ shades/colors, brushes, colored pencils/markers/poster board/stencils/you-get-the-idea while already heavily acidic.

Good Luck and happy tripping!
150 mcg's is an ideal dose for a first time. I would just wait and see what happens, instead of having a complete schedule of things you want to do. Especially the first time.

As said by northener, LSD will not fix anything for you. If there are certain things in your life that you would want to change, then in my experience, it's best to look at it as a process that comes with it's innevitable up's and downs. Life, from time to time, is a struggle to most people. Things like LSD can help in various ways. It can show you things. It can make you see things from a different angle. And so it can help you devellop a more positive attitude toward the struggles of life.

But the only way for this to work, is to accept that there will Always be up's and downs, and when you've hit a down, to remind yourself of the things you've learned.

Good luck.
Hello - you've received a lot of amazing advice in this thread and I'd like to emphasis some of the things mentioned. Some of my most uncomfortable trips have occurred during times that I've had to try and "act normal" - for example, tripping at a friend's house when their mom came home unexpectedly early was a very bad time. I would strongly recommend taking a low dose to get a feel for what you're in for, maybe start with a half a tab. You can always take more next time, but it's impossible to take less after dosing. A "museum dose" would probably be about right. Also, I've never had an acid trip last as little as 6 hours, even taking a small amount; 12 hours seems to be spot on, and even then the altered state seems to last until I fall asleep.

I tripped over the weekend on two pretty strong tabs and it definitely stirred up some muck. My partner of almost two decades has recently (within the past two years) realized that she's transgender and has begun the transition process, and I've been having an extremely difficult time connecting with her in the way that I used to connect with "him". I went in with the intention to try to find and face that part of myself that is not allowing me to move freely in my "life as it is now", an attempt to dislodge the block so to speak. I had an intense and enlightening experience that involved many aspects of my life and, while it was difficult at many points, I feel like I'm at least on my way to dealing with my issues in a more direct manner.

I hope you can find what you need from your experience(s).
Great advice from everyone :)

Most trips for me have been well over 12 hours, so don't expect a specific timing. Your body knows when it's starting to fade, but it's really hard to estimate some times. Never seen a trip last longer than 16 hours, in my experience, and those are very very extreme cases. It's quite an adventure! You can't control the substance, and sometimes it wants to stay more, sometimes it goes away more quickly. Don't have something planned for a day after, if you don't know what to expect ( and I totally didn't my first time, even after tons of reading )

I'd say listen to every previous comment in this thread, they have very good suggestions.
If you do end up deciding to ask questions and not be an observer, i'd recommend you write down the questions before hand then answer them during the trip. For my first trip i wrote my questions on my laptop and answered them while tripping, ended up writing a few thousand words haha. And i was able to read my answers after the trip which was very useful.
My first time was 150ug but I know two people who took the same amount first time and it was hard to handle for them.

Go with half dose as this is best practice - you will still enjoy it. You can up the dose later if you feel comfortable.

Test your substance. Some blotters sold as LSD can actually be 25i-NBOMe so make sure you are safe.

Enjoy the flight :thumb_up:
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