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LSD+Changa Report: Jester/Clown coming out !

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I did last night the Lsd and changa and it was the most beautiful thing ever. When the lsd hit me and i was at the peak, i went out for a walk around the place i'm living in, i feel so much appreciation come from inside me for the nature. I felt one with the nature, and the trees said to me "we always welcome you we always want to reach you, you are a part of us." I was really ready for yesterday. I told to myself: "i open for knowledge, i wont seek any questions, any answers, i want a guidance from you-The Root, and information from you. Whatever it is i will accept it all." And even tho it's just on lsd, i already feel a little bit of my body moving by itself. Idk why if there is somebody can explain to me i would appreciate it. My body moves so much, i even dance TaiChi move and my hand drawing a Yin Yang shapes all the time and i have no idea where it is coming from.
Back to the story, i went back home after taking the energy of the Earth. Still on the effects on lsd, i felt super headspace. My neck got dragged down by itself to the ground, it's like theres a call from it. Then my eyes closed, i started to see nurses around me, looking down to me, saying no words, and after that i can take over control of my body again. It gave me the feel of checking up on me, to see if i'm really qualified and ready enough to go.

Then a call is even stronger, i cant think of anything but only can observe and see how it turns out. You guys absolutely know how headspace is, sometimes you go to the spot and you forgot what do you have to do there. But no, even tho i was headspace, it told me:" okay it's time for you to go, let's go!". And then my body start coming to where i put the changa, take it to the bong, made me vow 3 vows, and even calculate the doses for me. Then i feel ready, i started taking a hit. Hold and hold, lsd round-color-rainbow-layer which you saw in your eyes turn into shapes and text and start transforming really fast into hyperspace. My "waiting room" didnt take long, when i closed my eyes i was in a room full of toys and color, then right after it i launched. I saw my brain cells, my blood cells, the fractal, the vision, sky, tunnel, dimensions after dimensions. And then i was back, i was told to take another hit again. Then i dive in again right away. I felt absolutely peace and love by each vision that The Root gave me. The third hit of mine i was standing, seeing both the real world and the world inside my eyes merging together. I can totally walk inside my room in reality but i was closing my eyes the whole time. I can see the whole room when i close my eyes, same build, different dimension, different design. And then my girlfriend she took it.

And that's when the jesters coming in. She felt beautiful at first then she felt totally so bad. She saw jesters at the first time she took changa with me a month ago. Even tho she only saw it in the "waiting room" for only short of time. Last night the jester was coming out and using my body to express and communicate to her. There were so many moments that i had the freakiest smile ever that i ever did in my life( like in the picture but even more). When it made me smile like that, i felt so many emotions inside the smile that i had on my face: fun, innocence, freaky, weird, scary, mocking, laughing.... There were a moment when her neck dragged down too and i was standing there looking at her lying down, waving at her with that smile and tell her: "okay this is your time, have fun".

But she was scared to dive in that's why she kept stucking in that worse feel of death. She said to me she felt so many karma, so many pain, she felt like if she dies it's gonna be the end of the world. While she felt that i can feel only the joy and the need to encourage her and want her to have fun. I truly feel like im a clown myself. And she asked me: "so do i have to die? Really? " . And i was having that smile on my face again, it felt like the jester want her to say that out loud for so long and then i said immediately : "yes! Yes !!! . ". Thats pretty strange coming from me because why do i advice somebody to die you know?. Then she cried, bursting out of tears. Right after that i felt a small change of emotion in that smile( which is my smile basically because it's on my face), which is the joy, the innocence, the fun, the passion, the confidence. And i told her(jester told her): finally you've reborn. Now go and enjoy your new life... after that she feels so much better ...

I know why the jester is there. It's because she didn't go with a right intention. After everything she admitted that when she took it she wasn't really ready mentally, she just took it and more intent of having fun. Thats why the jester come out. The most bizarre thing to me was the jesters should suppose to be the image inside your mind but it was coming out to reality and used me to express everything from talking to gestures and especially that smile is the smile that i would never forget.

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