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LSD, what is happening in the body?

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Subject: 56Kg male.

LSD-25 : 220ug.

Purpose : Once in a while psychedelic journey.

Hi, I was just trying dmt jungle spice yesterday. And loved it like very much it looks very comfortable. But when I took lsd today felt like i just had a surgery(Anyone felt like this before i thought i was bleeding , and actually it was nothing.?). SO, is it okay to take a specific molecule. or combine it with some other natural substances like Marijuana? Is it the right way to do it? Or is it just some feeling i am delusioned with? Any advice?
Psychedelics can make us think and feel very weird things, things like feeling you just had surgery or are bleeding. Especially this is the case when you combine two psychedelics. Some people like that feeling of irrationality and hallucination and some people don't and prefer to have a more coherent aspect to things. For instance when I combined no2 with DMT I felt like the ground was actually on top and I was upside down, which is dis-orienting and downright terrifying if you choose to deny it and get scared by it which it is very easy to do with some people. That is why I don't combine those two anymore.

The answer is simple, if you got effects that you didn't like from combining two or more substances then don't do that.
Interesting, I'm not sure why this happened in your case, though I have heard similar anecdotes...

On the topic of drug combination:

While drug combinations can be an interesting venture, it truly is a better prospect for those with intimate knowledge of the compounds which they are combining...there can be dangerous combinations, specially when regarding relatively unknown compounds...

I still feel seeking benneficial psychoactive combinations is worth while.

Like, let's say that you see that 2-methyl-DMT has these effects:
(with 90 mg, orally) "The entire body was becoming activated (in a good way) but not much going on in the head. I am mentally clear but with the entire touch system a bit more activated than I would choose. This peaked at 3 hours, and was gone in another 3 hours. Everything is tactile."

(with 50 mg, orally) "There was tingling everywhere but it faded after about three hours. Nothing else."


Now, this compound appears to posses tactile components with out doing much otherwise, so perhaps combining 2-methyl-DMT with entactogenic compounds could produce a benneficial synergy, perhaps making compounds like 6-(2-aminopropyl)benzofuran or 5-IAP (indanylaminopropane) more like MDMA, perhaps this compound could even further enhance the tactile side of MDMA, or even provide a more intense tactile component to compounds like 2C-B (2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromo-phenethylamine) or 5-methoxy-N,N-diisopropyl-tryptamine (5-meo-DIPT)...

This type of combination, with clear intention, greatly interests me, however, the risks involved suggest that such work should only be carried out by educated individuals...

I won't lie, I have combined psychoactives haphazardly, and I have had some amazing experiences, (as well as some not so amazing experiences) but like terence articulates below, these experiences can not be re-created, and the entail a high level of risk:

The first stop on the psychedelic trip is the library. There are very, very deep books on these subjects on the anthropology, the pharmacology, the psychology, the quantum mechanics of drug activity, inform yourself. And then it’s not about taking every drug in the book. And you have people wheel them off. ‘Well, I did junk, I did this, I did that’, it’s no point. You don’t get [Inaudible] for that. What you have to do is [Inaudible] recipes straight out of Castaneda. Get up and [Inaudible] you Nagual. You have to find what works for you. And if you take a drug or plant and you have a horrible experience you don’t really need to go back in fact. The other thing is, danger lies in the direction of combination. These are called synergies by pharmacologists. And if you, if your idea of a big evening is, you know, to shoot 100 ml of ketamine and then drop some MDMA and a little 2CB an hour later and then bring on some acid of undetermined providence [Inaudible], well then and I said, ‘How was it?’ ‘Hey, it was [Inaudible]’ But the point is, it can never be reproduced and these things are very dangerous. They synergize in rather unexpected ways. I mean, my God, if psilocybin and DMT has never been studied, do you think their relationship to [Inaudible] has been looked at very carefully? I don’t think so. -terence McKenna

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