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LSDay - LeSaturDay


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This past Saturday was the weekend prior to bicycle day and throughout the day we had around 7 members in chat on LSD... a few jokes followed and Saturdays at the Nexus chat have since become known as LSDay or LeSaturDay, with an optional LeSunDay for those that can't make it.


Please don't take this as an encouragement to take LSD and then come into chat, wherever you are LeSaturDay is LSDay!
When it was called to my attention that we had four members in chat (during the time I was there) that were on LSD at the same time, I thought of this joke:

Four guys walk into a chat room on LSD. The bartender asks if any of them have the time. The first one agrees he has the time. The second one looks at his watch, but cannot decipher it. The third one concludes that surely time must be in the second one's watch. The fourth one has no concept of time, and is wondering what a bartender is doing in a chat room.
:lol: funny I see this now. Just had a hit of the best LSD blotter i`'ve encountered in quite a while Sunday night & planned to trip again this weekend.
Looks like i`m bringing the nexus into the forest with me via my smartphone 8)
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