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Lucia no.3 - light machine

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hi everyone,

i could only find an old thread here so i thought i open a new one.

here is what this is about:


depending on where are sometimes these devices are advertised as "DMT Light Machines" and sometimes the owners claim they have profound healing powers.

i was able to try a similar device at Psy-fi festival in the Netherlands last year.
the people who did offer the experience packed the experience in a what seemed to me like a "sudo-shamanic" ritual (i do not mean this in a negative way)
they played all kinds of instruments while my SO and me where lying beneath this machine.

there was no psychedelic effect at all for me, but the effect of the colors was really way more then i ever expected it to be.
changing with the music all kinds of patterns appeared in the flickering light and it was almost like a kaleidoscopic tunnel

if you have the chance to test this, give it a try it is really interesting what it can do, especially if the setting is right.

has anybody else here tested one of these?

PS: if anybody does happen to know those guys from the festival, i'd like to know where they get their raw cacao, it was the best i've ever had
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