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lucid dream

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Often in posts people talk about lucid dreams. As far as I know (and according to wikipedia) lucid dreaming is the kind of dream during which the dreamer knows he is dreaming. If this is the case, I have only once experienced in my life a lucid dream. I was walking on the side of a highway with lots of traffic and on my right side there was this canyon. I was not afraid of being hit by a car on one side or being afraid of falling into the canyon on the other side. I literally spoke to myself by saying ‘don’t worry, it is a dream, nothing bad will happen to you’. A very pleasant and comforting fact.

If reading posts I get the impression that for many people a lucid dream is the dream that one can remember when getting awake. As if the word lucid dream in general for people has gotten another meaning than originally.

What is for you a lucid dream?
Mine are like yours. I am in the dream and I know I am dreaming.

I have even had dreams where I'm still in the dream but comment that I have been having a lot of dreams similar, or I pop out of the dream and seem to be outside the dream but still visible say in a second level watching the first dream.

All this and I still can't remember to try flying or take control of the dream.
I think I just like seeing what will happen.

A friend of mine all her dreams are lucid(by definition knows she is dreaming) and she starts them all by flying. sounds cool
For me a lucid dream is more than simply being aware that one is dreaming. Lucid dreaming for me is being aware that I am dreaming and acting on that knowledge.
It's a whole art form and a very rich one at that. You can basically teach yourself to do it, with greater or lesser success, and use it to explore in incredible ways.

Just check out Youtube and there are lots of videos. Stephen Laberge is sort of the ultimate guru in this field and has done loads of scientific research to prove it really works. It's also a part of the Tibetan dream yoga.
I love lucid dreaming.
It shows me succes, in this world and the hereafter.
I feel like it shows me what can happen if i so choose to.

My dreams are vivid and always convey meaning. That being said, they are always influenced by what i have done the previouse day.
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