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Lucid Dreaming and Pejuta

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I've been able to lucid dream for several decades now.

The first step for me, like many, was to wake up in a dream and then to fly. From there, I learned how to deconstruct the rules we apply to that dream world based on our waking reality. It was as simple as realizing that none of the waking rules apply to the dream world. And as difficult as remembering to reprogram each night those rules I wished to break until it was no longer necessary to reprogram.

So, in a very real way, you can program your own dreamscape, dream body, etc. Still, for me, adding pejuta into the mix definitely altered the dream as no matter how much I understood that the rules of the waking reality don't apply... i always seemed to find ways to slip some of the rules of waking reality into my dreams. We fill in the gaps we don't create with the reality we know the best and for many that is the waking reality. So, there is always this overlap that is hard to escape.

For me, pejuta (which translates to medicine) would allow my mind to fill in some of those gaps that would normally be filled by my subconscious with waking reality rules with rules from that reality from which the medicine comes. This for me, created a new and novel way to dream as the rules that one has broken and mastered the breaking thereof eventually becomes a boring experience if no new inroads are made. For me, that is exactly what pejuta allowed me to do. To take a practice that had become somewhat boring and mundane and allow me to leap frog so to speak into new and novel dreamscape realities. What I can only imagine as that which is close to the medicine in frequency or thought or however one choses to label it.

So, let me jump right in. What is a dream like for me with pejuta.

I dreamed once that I was in a body made of liquid rainbow light. The rainbows flowed over my body and out into the the universe in which I was found myself floating past planets also composed of this same liquid light. So for me, reality in this dream was constructed of this changing light that rippled in the shapes of its container whether that container was a planet or a star... the outline remained and it was this outline that I would suggest was still from my waking reality and my inability to let go of all rules associated with that reality. Showing me that even though I had learned to manipulate my reality... I was still not the master of it.

Bringing my awareness back to my body and sensing my body allows me to connect with this reality in that I can now sense a physical sensation in my dream of moving my physical body and now it feels as if I am moving in a drunken stupor as the connection is not perfect, but this allows me to bring in a conscious manner that feeling of tactile sensation into my dream world which is so often lost, with me at least, when lucid dreaming....

Food for thought at least for those who are interested in the subject... I thought I might share a few moments of time with you.
How exactly do you do it?
I have a hard time imagining sleeping while tripping on mescaline. I've repeatedly tried to go to sleep at the tail-end of a session.
Do you take the medicine just as you go to bed?
And what fraction of a 'full' waking dose do you use?

Do you think it would help in any substantial way in learning to go lucid, or does it just let you transcend waking reality whether lucid or not. I've only gone lucid without promptly awakening a few times.
I've never had a problem sleeping when I was tired if I wasn't overly excited.

My question to you, were you tired when you tried go to to sleep or were you in a state of excitement?
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