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Lucid dreaming questions

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I always figured that a lot of psychonauts are often also interested in OBEs and lucid dreaming so i wanted to start a discussion here, i just hope i posted it in the right sub forum :p

I lucid dream 1 or maybe 2 times a month sometimes more sometimes less. There were times i could do that a lot more often, at least 3 times a week, but i lost that ability cause i had some stress and never got disciplined enough to get back to that point again.

However i wonder about certain things i test when im lucid and would like to compare it with others.

Did you ever ask people in your dreams who they are. I mean i asked "who are you really?" like im not beeing okay if they answer the name of the person im seeing. The people in my dream never answer that. They get a confused somewhat scared face. I wonder if anyone has similar experiences or ever got an answer out of them?

And secondly once i had this idea if i go trough a mirror in a dream i get into another dimention. When i did this i came into a room that had 3 ways that looked like a stairway to heaven, just they went down. But i think that just was normal dreaming, anybody else ever made an experience on going trough mirrors in dreams?
I lucid-dream regularly. In fact, in two of my recent dreams I saw progress bars (as if the "dream program" was ending), and... movie credits (right after some entities stopped a Q&A session we had, I posted about it, check my history).

>Did you ever ask people in your dreams who they are.

Yes, I do it all the time. They do tell me who they are. Not always with a name, but rather explaining themselves if they're another human or a non-human.

>i had this idea if i go trough a mirror in a dream i get into another dimension

Ok, here's the thing. It's all about "programming" at the end. If you feel that a mirror is a gateway to somewhere else, then that's what it will be. If you feel that it's just a mirror, then it's just a mirror.

I've been reading a lot of reports here about people saying "don't look in to a mirror, it's scary", but I did a couple of times. My face distorted, and I had fangs and I looked like a demon.

Then, I simply thought to myself: "oh, come on, it's just a mirror". And guess what: my face changed back to my real face, like nothing had happened.

So IMHO, these non-physical realms (particularly the dream states) are highly suggestible/re-programmable when lucid.
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