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Lucid dreaming....

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So a couple nights ago was my first experience in about 6 months.... and last night a had a lucid dream. :) :) The only other time ive had a lucid dream was 2 weeks after my first break from spice about a year ago. It seems the less I indulge in spice, the more lucid my dreams are. What I mean is, when I was smoking it daily, weekly, bi-weekly. there was no lucid dreaming (but I was also smoking MJ at the time, which its been about 2 weeks since ive smoked and I dont plan on starting again any time soon [feel 100 times better]). ... Anyway, I know this isnt a very interesting read but the fact that i was lucid dreaming just totally came back to me and I had to share it with people who would care :). Anyone else lucid dreaming thanks to the spice?
I haven't touched DMT for a couple of weeks now, but I did have a lucid dream last night funnily enough! I've never had one before, so it was a pretty interesting experience. Bloody strange dream too! I wonder if it's something to do with the good ol' DMT then?... Hmm!
I do get lucid dreams quite frequently, and have experienced DMT and ayahuasca like effects in dreams, and once on returning from Peru where I first encountered ayahuasca, I awoke one night and was awake yet having ayahuasca like visions! Didn't last long but was very clear. The simplest way I have found to induce more lucid dreams is to keep a dream diary, and record your dreams as soon as you wake up. Requires a little discipline to keep up with it, but with this alone I average one clear lucid dream experience every 2 weeks, and often one a week. Then you can do reality checks during the daytime, asking yourself if you're dreaming, to entrain your brain to do this while dreaming, and affirmations prior to sleep stating that you wish to become conscious in your dream state will add to this further. A little mindfulness meditation prior to sleep also seems to help as this awareness can carry over into your dream state.
The reality check is what made me truly realize I was dreaming, a tip I picked up off of a lucid dreaming web site is to periodically throughout the day go to your light switch and turn it off and on and ask yourself if youre dreaming. Apparently in most peoples dreams electronic devices will not work. The 3 times I have lucid dreamed I did this and then it really clicked and I knew I was dreaming.... My first lucid dream was 2 weeks after a break from spice, I woke up tripping hard!!! There was a bright white light pulsing, it was pulsing through me and all around me. The feeling was amazing, it was one of my most intense trips actually.... and somehow proceeded to enter a lucid dream.

Something interesting I found today was this link, right here on the nexus too!

On page 4 it mentions this combination of vitamins, MAOI (syrian rue) + 5 - HTP + L-methionine (SAM works also) + B12 +B6 + folic acid = DMT!!!! wow, which has me really interested and curious, so if any of the scientists or anyone who knows of any of these know anything about this or if some of these are dangerous please let me know. Im going to research what 5-HTP, L-methionine and SAM is. I have never heard of these, so some insight would be appreciated.
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