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Lungs damage?

Migrated topic.
SWIM last dream happened about a week ago. 3-4 days before he felt as if he had a mild flu. But on that day he took sauna and felt quite well, so he decided to take a short hyperspatial trip.

He loaded the machine with 50 mg of good quality spice. When he took the first big lungful, suddenly he felt terrible pain in the region of larynx, trachea and bronchi. He coughed and lost some spice but held the rest for about 15 sec. Then he managed to breath in the rest.

The trip was beautiful but not very deep. After he returned to the baseline he experienced a 15 min bout of uncontrollable painful cough that subsided over the next 30 min. Later that night he coughed a lot. The next night he also woke up from extremely painful uncontrollable cough that lasted over 20 min. Days that followed he felt very much like he's got an acute bronchitis.

Currently there are still no signs that he is improving. He cannot tell his doctor the real reason that caused the irritation. He is treating this illness as a common bronchitis but the occurence worried him a lot. Does anybody have similar experiences? Is it possible that regular/or even irregular use of spice may cause permanent lung/bronchi/larynx damage? He suspeects that with pH=8.8 the spice can cause serious damage to a tender tissue like lungs.

He will be very grateful for more experienced SWIYs opinions.
Don't panic ... You have the flu ! your precious, and delicate lung tissue is just telling you it has the flu - there's a virus party going on, so get flu medications and take care of yourself ! Lye-contamination is possible, but you'd have noticed this before, unless the batch you're dreaming with now has changed..?

I consider myself to have 'leather-lungs', even though I don't smoke cigarettes; but with a mild lung-irritation from the flu, I can't smoke anything without coughing.
Thanks for reassuring SWIM.

Although this was SWIMs first extraction he followed the tec very thoroughly. He used a separation funnel and recrystallized the spice. There is no chance that lye got into the smoke. Besides ealier he tried the spice from this batch 7 times himself and one of his friends tried it too with no ill effect. But knowing about high alkalinity of the spice itself he was worried if it can cause serious damage when lungs and/or bronchi tissue is fluffed up by infection.
Yeah, I confirm that smoke does not help a bronchitis but it does not make 'permanent' damages, hopefully. You should just avoid to smoke until recovering... which is just what my friend did *not* do and his illness lasted a while :(
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