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Lurker attempting first STB extraction, a few clarification questions

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Hello all, and thank you to the experienced who offer their services to the novice chemists. SWIM has read many of the threads here in an attempt to gain as solid an understanding as possible of what he is doing and the reasoning behind each step. I am either attempting Noman's STB tek or this first pic tek - STB tek and pictorial - UPDATED - The Psychedelic Experience - Shroomery Message Board.

I have gathered the majority of the materials and my day has almost arrived, I have a few other questions however. First, SWI any of you, has reported yields of between 1-3 grams, some less and some more. Am I correctly understanding proper dosage to assume that a 2 gram yield translates to roughly 40 strong doses? Second, does SWI any of you, have nice proper mg scales, or is it sufficient to have a scale that would read a minimum of say .02 grams? On a side note, if my dosage assumption is correct, how often does SWIY use DMT, if yields are that high? Another probably basic question, but just to clarify, once isolated in crystal form, SWI us, isn't working with a time frame correct? In other words the crystals keep fine?

Lastly, a couple quick material questions for the tek. I've read endless debate between turkey baster and separatory funnel. For the teks I am using which tool would SWIY recommend? And as far as Mimosa Bark is concerned, I've read about some reliable outlets and some unreliable. Can, SWI any of you, discuss sellers, or is that contrary to forum policy? I've seen sellers selling premium powders from only the inner bark, but am wondering if SWIY could point SWIM to a reliable internet source, if possible.

I want to reiterate my praise of this forum. Great posters, very respectful. I've learned so much during my lurking time. These were questions I found some answers to using the search function, but for the sake of organization and clarity thought I'd ask them in a single thread. Thanks again!


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I can't find a real difference between nomans and the pic tek. SWIY would basically do the same. The wash as described in nomans tek is not recommended.

Yield is said to be between .5 and 1%. So for 2g SWIY would need 200-400g MHRB. Sellers can be discussed in one thread (search for it). The common breakthru dose is for most people between 40-60 mg. Do your math. 20-30mg is good for a mild trip with C and OEV. But some do break thru with as little as 20mg. So your friend should expect everything.

A turkey baster surely needs some practice, but everything can be done.

And don't forget to respect the product, respect yourself and don't sell. They don't like it. We don't like it.
I read and followed the pic tek from the shroomery as it seemed quite fool proof. All i want to suggest on that tek is to use a bit more water 10ml-12ml to every gram you are using. Also, the waiting time after mixing bark into base water is way too long (the tek suggests 24 hrs). For powdered bark you can wait an hour and still get good results. It probably best to put naphtha in once the base water has cooled down as well (as the lye all ways heats up the water quite a lot).

I live in UK so I wouldn't suggest getting your bark from my supplier, although they are very good. Also, I agree with obliguhl on the selling of DMT. Not a good thing in my opinion. It will bring bad Karma!!!

Good luck!
Thanks for the responses. SWIM also agrees on the selling of this molecule. Having seem salvia extracts in the wrong hands, this seems like an no brainer. I'm still somewhat interested in average frequency of use, just so SWIM has a rough idea. Thanks for the water advice on the second TEK, SWIM marked it down. SWIM look into the seller thread SWIM must have missed it before. So is SWIM correct to assume that in the future he could do one large extraction and save the yield indefinitely using it at his own pace?
Well, it degrades over time, but a recrystallisation would save a portion of it. I would suggest to make progress at your own pace, this is also true for your friend. Some folks smoke every day, some every week, some only a couple of times a year. Everyone is different. SWIY should make the first contact and decide afterwards what to do.
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