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lw grow log

Migrated topic.
Slow and stead changes are definitely better than drastic ones if one has limited numbers to experiment with. Your on the right track though. Just keep moving forward.
Less than 19 days old from the day it germinated.... This is why I graft with parafilm. You don't have to let your Pereskiopsis go without water during any process of the grafting before, during, or after. This equates into faster growing scions.


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CatPharm said:
Heres an odder lookin one that is from the tray i started the thread with, so about month old give or take a day. The cut on the pere is a bit slanted, and once again no parafilm, but somehow managed to take:p

Nice jab my friend:?:

With that being said, grafting without parafilm is how many of us started out to include myself. While I can graft at 95-98% take rate without parafilm, it requires more effort on my part and I have to worry about banging my scions around, rain hitting them, etc. With parafilm... no worries.

Now, back to your graft:thumb_up:

Looking good my friend. I love seeing grafts take no matter what style of grafting you use.
No problem my friend.

I love to see success and you have been successful.

Now, looking at the size of that seedling I can tell you it would be hard to graft via parafilm without cutting it to 1/3 the size it currently is. Parafilm grafting of very tiny seedlings really does best when the height = the width or at least comes close to that.

So, my guess is that if your scion was that big previously... that might have been part of your issue. It is another reason I try to grow my seedlings in full sun. They grow thicker and shorter rather than long and etiolated which makes it easier to graft via parafilm. The long thin etiolated seedlings... without a lot of chopping just don't make great parafilm candidates.
Looking good my friend!:thumb_up:

I see you've given them a bit more light in an attempt to fatten them up as well.

I like it!
CatPharm said:
Thanks a lot Inyan. I had some mishaps early in the season with my peres, before i finally realized i should focus on growin a small army of em, so i havent made any attempts lately and proly wont until next spring at least. But until then i still get to watch some grow:)

You've done some fine work my friend. Rest assured it does get much easier with just a little practice. Growing an army of Pereskiopsis is easier to do when you can give up grafting for a few months. With that being said, I supplement my grafts by growing a few in the ground as well as purchasing a few hundred from time to time.


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Excellent technique with the parafilm Cat!

I myself generally try to get my seedlings a wee bit more off center, but so long as it takes that is all that matters.

No graft is identical from one to the next, but I dare say you have the technique of parafilm grafting seedlings down pretty darn nice and with much less practice than I have... I can tell you are going to at a 98-99% success rate with your grafts this size if your not already in no time flat.
Looking good my friend! I know it feels good to see those specimens getting to flowering size so quickly.

Before too many more months you'll be sowing out seeds from your own grafted specimens.
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